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Back off! [coll.]Не се меси! [Стой настрана!]
Back off! [coll.] {verb} Изчезни! [Остави ме на мира!] [разг.]
Partial Matches
back {adv}обратно
back {noun}гръб {м}
back {adv}назад
to set back {verb}връщам назад
unverified back and forth {adv}нагоре-надолу
at the back {adv}отзад
unverified back and forth {adv}напред-назад
unverified back and forth {adv}насам-натам
pat on the back {noun}потупване {ср} по гърба
small of the back {noun}
кръст {м} [място на гърба]
sudden low back pain {noun}
секване {ср}
sudden low back pain {noun}
сецване {ср}
to take off {verb}заминавам [несв.]
to go off {verb}отивам си [несв.]
to take off {verb}тръгвам [несв.]
to go off {verb}тръгвам си [несв.]
to log off {verb}
приключвам, затварям сесия на компютър
take-off {noun}старт {м}
to toddle off {verb} отдалечавам се с неуверена стъпка
to turn off {verb}изключвам
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Usage Examples English
  • This can be done by forcing the read to "back off" (i.e. ...
  • A spin-lock using such instructions is more efficient and uses less energy than spin locks with or without a back-off loop.
  • For each device, the data in a frame is transmitted serially but in such a way that if more than one device transmits at the same time, the highest priority device can continue while the others back off.
  • On September 1, his first day back off the DL, Sweeney pinch-hit in the bottom of the 9th and hit a bloop base hit that broke up Minnesota Twins starting pitcher Scott Baker's no-hitter.
  • This truck stop can still be seen, set back off the road behind the tower, now boarded up and in disrepair following a devastating fire decades ago.

  • He was planning to kill some more Thracians and stealing the chariot of the king with his armour when Athena advised him to back off for some other god may warn the Trojans.
  • Even in the school choir the teacher kept telling me to back off till I was singing in the corridor!
  • Grazing animals with slow movements that will back off at the first notion of pain ("e.g.", sheep and cows) will not generally suffer the severe injuries often seen in other animals.
  • This happens in Ethernet links because of the way nodes "back off" from the link and attempt to re-access it.
  • The show of Romanian resolve supported by Turkey had the effect of causing the Hungarians to back off on their demands against Romania.

  • The city government has considered reclaiming the land to build an expressway but has decided to back off with this project.
  • Low challenged the Prime Minister over the Suez issue, accusing him of sending a threatening telegram that caused British Prime Minister Anthony Eden to back off the invasion and so gave the Soviets the opportunity for a military buildup in Egypt.
  • Closures must be applied tight enough to maintain a seal and to resist closure back-off, but must not be applied so tightly that the end user cannot remove the closure.
  • This causes the compressor to 'back off' the gain in certain circumstances and reduce the audibility of noise modulation – even with this pre-emphasis, noise modulation can become audible when using very noisy media to begin with, such as the cassette format.
  • This demon kills Fisk's associates using supernatural abilities and forces him to back off of Peter Parker after revealing that he is in possession of Vanessa Fisk's soul.

  • Further, tubes are electrically robust (despite being mechanically fragile) and can shrug off very high backlash current with impunity; so tube-based output stage amplifiers have no need to "back off" their output power.
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