Translation for 'Cartesian' from English to Bulgarian
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Cartesian {adj}
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Translation for 'Cartesian' from English to Bulgarian

Cartesian {adj}
Usage Examples English
  • For example, cartesian closed categories are generalized by closed monoidal categories.
  • If a category has the property that all its slice categories are Cartesian closed, then it is called "locally cartesian closed".
  • The articles on exponential object and Cartesian closed category provide a more precise discussion of the category-theoretic formulation of this idea.
  • The graphs can be drawn using cartesian (rectangular) coordinates or a polar plot.
  • As a functor, the free loop space construction is right adjoint to cartesian product with the circle, while the loop space construction is right adjoint to the reduced suspension.

  • Other Cartesian 3D printers which do not use the CoreXY technique most commonly also use two motors for the "xy"-plane, but where one motor is independently responsible for movement along the "x"-axis, and the other independently responsible for movement along the "y"-axis.
  • In topology, the cartesian product of topological spaces can be given several different topologies.
  • This same construction defines weak NNOs in cartesian categories that are not cartesian closed.
  • This fails to be a cartesian closed category, the usual cartesian product of identification maps is not always an identification map, and the usual product of CW-complexes need not be a CW-complex.
  • The product in this category is given by the cartesian product of sets.

  • Sensors information (radar, sonar, and transponder data) is provided to the track algorithm using a polar coordinate system, and this is converted to cartesian coordinate system for the track algorithm.
  • For reasons of convenience, many quantum chemistry programs work in a basis of Cartesian Gaussians even when spherical Gaussians are requested, as integral evaluation is much easier in the cartesian basis, and the spherical functions can be simply expressed using the cartesian functions.
  • The difference between these two is that the product for cartesian categories (such as the category of sets, complete partial orders or Heyting algebras) is just the Cartesian product; it is interpreted as an ordered pair of items (or a list).
  • Consider, now, the space [...] with cartesian coordinates (x,y,z).
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