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 Translation for 'Cl' from English to Bulgarian
NOUN1   Cl | -
NOUN2   Cl* | -
SYNO 150 | atomic number 17 | centiliter | ...
Chile {noun} <.cl>
Чили {ср}
chlorine {noun} <Cl>
хлор {м} <Cl>
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Translation for 'Cl' from English to Bulgarian

Chile {noun} <.cl>
Чили {ср}геог.
chlorine {noun} <Cl>
хлор {м} <Cl>химия
  • хлор {м} <Cl> = chlorine <Cl>
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Usage Examples English
  • Solid SeCl4 is actually a tetrameric cubane-type cluster, for which the Se atom of an SeCl6 octahedron sits on four corners of the cube and the bridging Cl atoms sit on the other four corners.
  • Derived from the Hannover CL.II, the CL.V shared the same conventional biplane configuration and incorporated the overhanging, aerodynamically-balanced ailerons developed for the Hannover CL.III.
  • The systematic name of this enzyme class is ATP phosphohydrolase (Cl−-importing).
  • Collectin liver 1 (CL-L1) show very similar carbohydrate selectivity as MBL.
  • Sixty-five thousand serial numbers were allotted to the Leica CL, and this number does not include the Leitz Minolta CL.

  • On 20 June 2016, Viking announced the acquisition of the worldwide amphibious aircraft program from Bombardier, including the type certificate for the CL-215, CL-215T and CL-415 Waterbombers.
  • The CL 55 AMG became supercharged allowing the car to accelerate from 0-60 mph in 4.27 sec according to Motor Trend and the V12 CL 600 had 2 turbochargers added and a slight engine reduction, from 5980 cc to 5513 cc.
  • A stronger liqueur version of the drink, called Orijin bitters, is available in 20 cL and 75 cL sizes, with an ABV closer to 30%.
  • Here Len recommends half a 70 cl bottle (35 cl) of hard spirit (e.g.
  • A fixpoint of the function cl, i.e. an element "c" of "P" that satisfies cl("c") = "c", is called a closed element.

  • The CL-154 class of [...] gun light cruisers was a United States Navy project from the last two years of World War II, with antecedents reaching back to 1938 and earlier.
  • Quasars would remain the most distant objects in the universe until 1997, when a pair of non-quasar galaxies would take the title (galaxies CL 1358+62 G1 & CL 1358+62 G2 lensed by galaxy cluster CL 1358+62).
  • It is a member of the class of compounds known as auxins and a chlorinated analogue of the more common indole-3-acetic acid (IAA) auxin.
  • Like solid bromine and iodine, solid chlorine crystallises in the orthorhombic crystal system, in a layered lattice of Cl2 molecules.
  • "Clostridium argentinense" is an anaerobic, motile, gram-positive bacterium.

  • For general (halogen) substitutions of ketamine, docking strength for CYP2B6 follows the pattern H &lt; Br &lt; Cl &lt; F.
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