Translation for 'Everything is all right' from English to Bulgarian
Everything is all right.Всичко е наред.
Partial Matches
all right {adv}добре
All that glitters is not gold.
Не всичко, което блести, е злато.
Greed is the root of all evil.
Алчността е причината за всички злини.
everything {pron}всичко
pretty much everythingпочти всичко
right {adj}верен
right hand {noun}
десница {ж}
right-wing {adj}
десен [политическа ориентация]
to turn right {verb}завивам надясно
right angle {noun}
прав ъгъл {м}
to / on the right {adv}на дясно
right-wing populism {noun}
десен популизъм {м}
Greenland (right) whale {noun} [Balaena mysticetus]
гренландски кит {м}
on the right-hand side {adv}от дясната страна
to snatch sth. from right under sb.'s nose {verb} измъквам нщ. под носа на нкг.
Iceland {noun} <.is>
Исландия {ж}
all {pron}всичко
sb./sth. is[нк/нщ] е
Who is there?Кой е там?
there is/are има [съществува/съществуват]
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Usage Examples English
  • He then goes outside with his dogs to check if everything is all right.
  • Perhaps because he is brown-skinned, far away, and Muslim, many Europeans think that everything is all right in his regard.
  • Emil's mother has noted that her son is behaving strangely and when she reaches Emil's home to check if everything is all right she finds the door locked.
  • Lois reassures him that everything is all right and the final shot is of Walter's hat.
  • The second verse describes the child going to school and pretending to their friends that everything is all right at home, despite what is heard in the first verse.

  • While resting on the sidewalk back in town, the sheriff stops to ask them if everything is all right.
  • Berus intercepts Bosch, however, and tells Dora that everything is all right and refuses to let Tarek see Dora.
  • If you come to the fact and realize you are suffering you'll overcome it faster rather than denying that everything is all right.
  • Suspecting that Schnabel was up to no good Willi goes to see if everything is all right only to hear Laura screaming inside the hotel-room as she fights off Schnabel from trying to force himself on her.
  • Some dialogue in the "RahXephon" anime series is reminiscent of "Neon Genesis Evangelion"; for instance, protagonist Ayato's very first line in the show is "Everything is all right with the world", which closely resembles the line "All's right with the world" from Robert Browning's "Song from Pippa Passes", which serves as the motto of "Eva" secret organization Nerv.

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