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 Translation for 'Mo' from English to Bulgarian
NOUN1   mo | -
NOUN2   mo | mos
SYNO atomic number 42 | bit | minute | ...
molybdenum {noun} <Mo>
молибден {м} <Mo>
month {noun} <mo.>месец {м}
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Translation for 'Mo' from English to Bulgarian

molybdenum {noun} <Mo>
молибден {м} <Mo>химия
month {noun} <mo.>
месец {м}
  • молибден {м} <Mo> = molybdenum <Mo>
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Usage Examples English
  • On April 19 and 26, Sadie were guests at Shoji Noriko's internet TV show "shigoto mo rock mo hard ga saikou!!".
  • MO treatment of dioxygen is different from that of the previous diatomic molecules because the pσ MO is now lower in energy than the 2π orbitals.
  • In Shanxi, people call steamed bread is Mo.There are many colorful patterns and designs of Mo. Therefore, many people also call Mo is Huamo because Hua represents colorful flowers.
  • It references the song "Mo Money Mo Problems" by the Notorious B.I.G.
  • This work revealed the existence of several intermediates, including hydrazido complexes (Mo=N-NH2).

  • Mo Bei (Godfrey Gao) is the hotshot lawyer who specializes in commercial law.
  • Mo Thighearna ’s mo Rìgh.
  • Mo spends most of his time with Zeke, his friends, and his girlfriend Holly rather than anyone his own age.
  • The NanoSat MO Framework defines an NMF App as an on-board software application based on the NanoSat MO Framework.
  • Sung-mo, also spelled Seong-mo, Song-mo, is a Korean male given name.

  • Regardless, "mo ... mo" is an uncommon negator in Lengo. Much more frequently used is the modal "teigha" 'NEG'.
  • Kathmandu is particularly famous for "Mo: mo:". Mo: mo: or म:म: is a type of dumpling that origined from Tibet.
  • It crystallizes in a monoclinic cell, and has a distorted rutile, (TiO2) crystal structure.
  • In 2010, Layzie Bone restructured the company, branding "Harmony Howse Ent".
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