Translation for 'Puritanism' from English to Bulgarian
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Puritanism {noun}
пуританство {ср}
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Translation for 'Puritanism' from English to Bulgarian

Puritanism {noun}
пуританство {ср}ист.религ.
Usage Examples English
  • The Dominion was headed by Edmund Andros, who not only disliked puritanism and was haughty, but ruled as a near-absolute dictator: Town meetings were outlawed, leaving the Dominion without consent of the governed, marriage was removed from the clergy, and the Old South Church was temporarily appropriated for Anglican services.
  • The film serves to showcase Vidor's faith in the power of positive thinking, free of puritanism or Christian moralizing, which celebrates the virtues of self-reliance and the inherent vitality of rural communities.
  • Malinowski's interest in the topic has been attributed to his Slavic background having made him less concerned with "Anglo-Saxon puritanism".
  • According to Weber, Islam is the polar opposite of ascetic puritanism.
  • The Khmer Rouge regime was also characterized by "totalitarian puritanism" with any sex before marriage being punishable by death in many cooperatives and zones.

  • Covell published in 1603 a religious volume which weighed in on the then-contemporary tension in the Church of England between tradition and puritanism.
  • The singer Emma Abbott, prompted by "her uncompromising and grotesque puritanism" rewrote "La traviata" so that Violetta expired singing not Verdi's "Addio del passato", but "Nearer My God to Thee".
  • Powicke was born on 16 June 1879 in Alnwick, the son of Frederick James Powicke, a Congregational minister and historian of 17th-century puritanism, and Martha, the youngest daughter of William Collyer of Brigstock.
  • The Puritans were a significant grouping of English Protestants in the 16th and 17th centuries. Puritanism in this sense was founded by some Marian exiles from the clergy shortly after the accession of Queen Elizabeth I in 1558, as an activist movement within the Church of England.
  • Lady Katherine Barnardiston (died 1633) was a patron of puritanism.

  • Austrian director Michael Haneke called the #MeToo movement "a new puritanism coloured by a hatred of men" and a "witch hunt" that "should be left in the Middle Ages".
  • The order is characterized by a puritanism typical of other revivalist movements.
  • All sexual references in Pavel Bazhov's stories were of course very subtle, owing to Soviet puritanism.
  • It uses the same style and some places the same wording as other wonder books which comprised a widespread genre during the rise of puritanism in London.
  • As a member of England's religious authority, Harsnett's sceptical attitudes, divided equally between puritanism and popery, set important precedents for English policy.

  • The traditional cuisine of Zürich reflects the centuries of rule by patrician burghers as well as the lasting imprint of Huldrych Zwingli's puritanism.
  • It explores various contradictions in American society, such as puritanism vs.
  • The death of Charles I in 1649 saw puritanism reach its peak as the Church of Ireland became restricted allowing other Protestant denominations to freely expand.
  • In 1853–54, during a brief period of puritanism in Rome, leaves were placed over the sexual organs of the boys.
  • According to Weber, Islam is the polar opposite of ascetic puritanism.

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