Translation for 'You are very kind' from English to Bulgarian
You are very kind.Вие сте много любезен.
Partial Matches
Thank you very much!Много благодаря!
Here you are!Заповядай!
Are you kidding?Шегуваш ли се?
You are welcome! Моля, няма защо! [в отговор на благодарност]
Where are you from?Откъде сте?
How old are you?На колко години си?
How are you doing?Как сте?
very {adv}много
very well {adv}много добре
kind-hearted {adj}добросърдечен
what kind ofкакъв [що за]
there is/are има [съществува/съществуват]
you {pron}вас
you were[ти] беше
See you.До скоро.
Lucky you!Блазе ти!
Thank you!Благодаря!
You wish! Иска ти се! [изразява скептицизъм относно предходна реплика]
See you!Довиждане!
you {pron} [plural, informal]вие
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Usage Examples English
  • However, people from Santander are also very gentle and kind, have some social conventions of basic etiquette like saying hello first if you are the one arriving and never visiting someone for the first time without a small present.
  • MacKay himself has stated that he is inspired to put his best in every role he takes saying that, "The beauty of acting is that it is done ultimately in a very safe environment, and therefore the consequences are just the consequences of the story [...] Those things might not have actually happened to you, but they will be rooted in some kind of experience".
  • I don't try to be realistic; it's very abstract, so you don't feel identification with the things that are happening, but with the sensibility of this kind of romanticism".
  • Sterling later described it in an article originally published in "SF Eye" #5, in July 1989, as "a kind of writing which simply makes you feel very strange; the way that living in the twentieth century makes you feel, if you are a person of a certain sensibility."
  • McNulty said the audience are initially lead to "sort of think" that Seth is "not a very nice guy" but as the series progresses "you get to know Seth a little bit more [...] and you can kind of get a little bit of an understanding of why he is like he is and I think people will warm to him a little bit more".

  • I'm very positive about things and very focused. I truly believe that I've bloomed into a different kind of person.” Steve Disson gave her a contract to appear in his skating shows which are aired on NBC.
  • English imperatives range from very blunt ("Give me the book"), to very indirect and elaborate ("If it's not too much trouble, could you please be so kind as to pass me the book?
  • Juan Manuel decided to take this advice and before killing his victim, he asked the time, then proclaimed “You are indeed fortunate, for you know the very hour of your death.” Juan Manuel went on to kill a number of other victims, then repented of his actions.
  • At the time of release, Aston said of the song: "It's a very different kind of song.
  • It is some kind of very strange extended disco remix (6:37) version.

  • Thus if you have 32-bit values that don't fit in the 31-bit signed format, they will be very inefficient in those interpreters.
  • If you visit the Vermont Teddy Bear factory, you can make your very own bear.
  • His standards are very high, be it a recording or live performance".
  • Two very large trees are perhaps 600 years old; the larger tree has a circumference of 7.4 metres.
  • You would not love someone if they were truly harmful to you in every possible way and provided no benefit.

  • Especially, the climax of the film is not very convincing".
  • "The Mystery in Space of Hull Zero Three" is more personal and at the same time very universal.
  • While some of the members lacked conventional musical skills, they were "politically very right" and quickly adapted to improvising.
  • Wiley is very interested in the organization of track and field and has spoken up for a clean, ethical sport.
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