Translation for 'a bit' from English to Bulgarian
NOUN   a bit | bits
SYNO a bit | a little | a trifle
a bit {adv}малко
Partial Matches
bit by bit {adv}малко по малко
bit by bit {adv}постепенно
as soon as possible {adv} <a.s.a.p.>възможно най-скоро
a[неопределителен член]
a lot {adv}много
a few {adj} {pron}няколко
a little {adv}малко
unverified with a shrug {adv} вдигам рамене,повдигам рамене,все ми е едно
to thread a needle {verb}вдявам игла
to ride a bike {verb}карам колело
to clog a horse {verb}спъвам коня
in a nutshell {adv}накратко
What a pity!Колко жалко!
a quarter toбез петнайсет [време]
to be a given {verb}съм даденост [реалност]
unverified to ring a bell {idiom}напомням смътно за нкг./нщ.
with a vengeance {adv}здравата [разг.]
to take a photograph {verb}фотографирам
a quarter pastи петнайсет [време]
in a moment {adv}след малко
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Usage Examples English
  • Sorting decimals properly is a bit more difficult, because different locales use different symbols for a decimal point, and sometimes the same character used as a decimal point is also used as a separator, for example "Section 3.2.5".
  • com observed in 2012 that while there is "a bit of a wine-and-cheese atmosphere at Panthers games ...
  • Some CPUs make use of a special type of flip-flop (to store a bit) that couples a fast, high-leakage storage cell to a slow, large (expensive) low-leakage cell.
  • Data are encoded by assigning a bit pattern to each character, digit, or multimedia object.
  • Scenes featuring him playing the banjo and singing would have taken quite a bit of time if filmed with the stop-frame method, so Peter Firmin created a mechanism that helped him control Gabriel through a hole in his can.

  • STR strongly suggests that the Bonaparte belong to the Y58897 branch, which means that the ancestor 3000 years ago or a bit more lived in Anatolia, but all relatives in the database with a common ancestor with over a 1000 years are found in their own the Massa - La Spezia small area in Italy.
  • Neal described it as "a fun but trusted babysitter who lets the kids stay up a bit late".
  • Many of the men's physique competitors are not above 200 lbs and have a bit of a more attainable and aesthetic physique in comparison to open-bodybuilders.
  • The balls are biased in the same way as the lawn bowls balls but with a diameter of about 20 cm, a thickness of 12 cm and a weight of about 2 kg, they are a bit bigger than usual bowls.
  • In the United States, pool and billiards had died out for a bit, but between 1878 and 1956 the games became very popular.

  • A contiguous group of binary digits is commonly called a "bit string", a bit vector, or a single-dimensional (or multi-dimensional) "bit array".
  • Others merely get a bit dizzy and fall over.
  • Jimmy Hill once referred to the Riverside being "a bit like the London Palladium" as Blocks V & W (the middle section) are often filled with the rich and famous (including often Al-Fayed).
  • In this way, &Omega;"F" represents the probability that a randomly selected infinite sequence of 0s and 1s begins with a bit string (of some finite length) that is in the domain of "F".
  • Amicable multisets are defined analogously and generalizes this a bit further [...].

  • A bit more formally: we represent a point on the unit circle by its angle, in radians, going from − [...] to [...] for simplicity.
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