Translation for 'abrogate' from English to Bulgarian
VERB   to abrogate | abrogated | abrogated
abrogating | abrogates
to abrogate {verb}отменям
to abrogate {verb}анулирам
to abrogate {verb}отменя [св.]
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Translation for 'abrogate' from English to Bulgarian

to abrogate {verb}


отменя [св.]
Usage Examples English
  • that unlike the Fourteenth Amendment, the Commerce Clause does not give the federal government the power to abrogate the sovereign immunity of the states.
  • In the case of a delay, the airline may withdraw or abrogate these entitlements if offering them would delay the flight further.
  • Both major party candidates promised to abrogate the Indo-Sri Lanka Accord negotiated by outgoing UNP president J. R. Jayewardene and would ask Indian troops to leave the country.
  • Can Congress abrogate state sovereign immunity under Section 5 of the Fourteenth Amendment?
  • Now, the Supreme Court was once again presented with the question of whether Congress has the power to abrogate the sovereign immunity of the states, pursuant to the powers granted to it in Article One.

  • An abrogative referendum has never been held and, if invoked and successful, can abrogate pieces of legislation barring some exceptions, notably financial and constitutional law.
  • Only Q.2:106 uses a form of the word "naskh" (specifically "nanskh" meaning "we abrogate").
  • Wang Shida of China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations linked the current border tensions to India's decision to abrogate Article 370 and change the status of Jammu and Kashmir in 2019.
  • Can Congress abrogate states' immunity under its Fourteenth Amendment power to enforce the Equal Protection Clause?
  • Given these breaches of the agreement, the British government decided to unilaterally abrogate the Standstill Agreement and take the oasis on 25 October 1955.

  • And let him also abrogate the seven Arab genealogies on his own.
  • The State of South Dakota determined that the only way it would be able to succeed in its lawsuit against the three companies was to ask the Supreme Court to abrogate the "sales-tax-only, physical-presence requirement" of "Quill".
  • Cooper", holding that Congress had no Constitutional authority to abrogate state sovereign immunity via the Copyright Remedy Clarification Act.
  • On May 2, 2016, the Regional Electoral State Attorney presented a motion to the Superior Electoral Court in order to abrogate her Senate mandate for crimes against the Election Law regulations (money abuse during campaign).
  • If moribund parents appoint a guardian for their daughter, he can not marry her off or abrogate a previous marriage without her consent.

  • The government enacted the 42nd Amendment in 1976, to abrogate the Kesavananda Bharati ruling.
  • "Atascadero State Hospital v. Scanlon", 473 U.S. 234 (1985), was a United States Supreme Court case regarding Congress' power to abrogate the Eleventh Amendment sovereign immunity of the states.
  • Nations can, and do, abrogate the rule on a bilateral basis by treaty. In [...] the English courts enforced a claim for South African taxes under a bilateral treaty between the countries.
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