Translation for 'at the same time' from English to Bulgarian
SYNO at the same time | concurrently | simultaneously
at the same time {adv}едновременно
at the same time {adv}в същото време
Partial Matches
the same {pron}същият
the same {pron}еднакво
the same {pron}същото
Once Upon a Time in the West [Sergio Leone]
Имало едно време на Запад [Серджо Леоне]
at the back {adv}отзад
at the library {adv}в библиотеката
same {adj}същ
time {noun}време {ср}
another timeдруг път
time-consuming {adj}времеемък [времепоглъщащ]
on time {adv}навреме
vintage (time{noun}
гроздобер {м}
local time {noun}местно време {ср}
Planck time {noun}
време {ср} на Планк
time frame {noun}времева рамка {ж}
time of day {noun}време {ср} (на деня)
to be on timeточен съм
crunch time {noun} [sl.] критичен период {м} от време [когато трябва да се работи усилено и бързо]
in no time {adv}за нула време
crunch time {noun} [coll.]решителен момент {м}
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Usage Examples English
  • The expulsion of the Acadians from Acadia led many of them to Louisiana, where they left a French influence in the diet of those settled in Louisiana, and among the Acadian Francophones who settled eastern Maine and parts of what is now northern Vermont at the same time they colonized New Brunswick.
  • Heathenry appeared in the United States during the 1960s, at the same time as the wider emergence of modern Paganism in the United States.
  • "Advance Australia Fair", with modified lyrics and reduced to two verses (see development of lyrics), was adopted as the Australian national anthem by the Labor government of Bob Hawke, coming into effect on 19 April 1984. At the same time, "God Save the King/Queen" became known as the royal anthem, and continues to be played alongside the Australian national anthem at public engagements in Australia that are attended by the King or members of the Royal Family.
  • This was at the same time as an economic recession was building, and events such as the Gulf War in Kuwait were beginning to shepherd issues of globalisation and transnational trade on to national government agendas.
  • Al-Qaeda stepped in and assumed control of around 80% of non-state armed cells in Bosnia in late 1995. At the same time, Al-Qaeda ideologues instructed the network's recruiters to look for "Jihadi international" Muslims who believed that extremist-"jihad" must be fought on a global level.

  • For example, acupuncture (piercing the body with needles to influence the flow of a supernatural energy) might be believed to increase the effectiveness or "complement" science-based medicine when used at the same time.
  • In the latter function, they work at the same time as anti-corrosive agents, as their hydrophobic nature means that water cannot reach the metal surface.
  • Not all of the Amazon's tributaries flood at the same time of the year.
  • ... Ford administration staffers Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld advocated on Solzhenitsyn's behalf for him to speak directly to President Gerald Ford about the Soviet threat), prior to and alongside the tougher foreign policy pursued by US President Ronald Reagan. At the same time, liberals and secularists became increasingly critical of what they perceived as his reactionary preference for Russian nationalism and the Russian Orthodox religion.
  • Most likely he was responsible for copying and preserving the script while at the same time restoring the purity of the form.

  • The near-absence of herbivore remains and the similar state of preservation common to the many individuals at the "Albertosaurus" bonebed quarry led Currie to conclude that the locality was not a predator trap like the La Brea Tar Pits in California, and that all of the preserved animals died at the same time.
  • Cash transfers appear to be an effective intervention for reducing extreme poverty, while at the same time improving health and education outcomes.
  • Architects in the Philippines and Filipino communities overseas (whether they are Filipinos or not), especially those who also profess other jobs at the same time, are addressed and introduced as "Architect", rather than "Sir/Madam" in speech or "Mr./Mrs./Ms."
  • The festival has a vision of showing the best plays and stage art experiences of the world, while at the same time attracting thespians and stage art interested people from both Aarhus and Europe at large.
  • Three additional elementary schools named for Confederate veterans were renamed at the same time.

  • Since 1998, Angola has successfully worked with the United Nations Security Council to impose and carry out sanctions on UNITA. At the same time, Angola has promoted the revival of the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries (CPLP) as a forum for cultural exchange and expanding ties with Portugal (its former ruler) and Brazil (which shares many cultural affinities with Angola) in particular.
  • The Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union were signed by a group of men who were never present in the Congress at the same time.
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