Translation for 'atmosphere' from English to Bulgarian
NOUN   an atmosphere | atmospheres
SYNO air | ambiance | ambience | ...
atmosphere {noun}атмосфера {ж}
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Translation for 'atmosphere' from English to Bulgarian

atmosphere {noun}
атмосфера {ж}
Usage Examples English
  • It is in this film that Arletty says the famous line, " ("Atmosphere! Atmosphere! Do I look like an atmosphere?"). It became one of the most famous lines of French cinema history.
  • England's work relates to the global ocean circulation and its influence on the atmosphere, ice, and climate, with a particular focus on ocean-atmosphere processes in the tropics, the circulation in both the ocean and atmosphere in the Southern Hemisphere mid-latitudes, and coupled ocean-ice-atmosphere feed-backs around Antarctica.
  • The tides form an important mechanism for transporting energy from the lower atmosphere into the upper atmosphere, while dominating the dynamics of the mesosphere and lower thermosphere.
  • The logarithmic profile of wind speeds is generally limited to the lowest 100 m of the atmosphere (i.e., the surface layer of the atmospheric boundary layer).
  • By collecting upper atmosphere data, TIMED assists the modeling of environmental impacts.

  • Fox is known for her research modeling the atmosphere on Mars, including details on nitrogen found in the Martian atmosphere.
  • In 2022, a planetary transmission spectrum has showed no evidence for the atmosphere, although atmosphere with high altitude hazes cannot be ruled out yet.
  • We can use diffusion-limited hydrogen escape to estimate the amount of O2 on the Earth's atmosphere before the rise of life (the prebiotic atmosphere).
  • But the Martian atmosphere contains only 0.13–0.14% oxygen, compared to 20.9% of Earth's atmosphere.
  • TRAPPIST-1g could have a global water ocean or an exceptionally thick steam atmosphere.

  • Titan is the only moon with an atmosphere, and its atmosphere is the only known nitrogen-rich atmosphere in the Solar System.
  • The thermal boundary between the troposphere ( lower atmosphere ) and the stratosphere ( upper atmosphere ) is a thermocline.
  • Both components have a thin cloud layers in atmosphere.
  • Critics praised Forna's forensic research and ability to evoke atmosphere, place, pacing, precision, powerful emotions, characterisations and atmosphere.
  • Pluto is the only trans-Neptunian object with a known atmosphere. Its closest analog is the atmosphere of Triton, although in some aspects it resembles even the atmosphere of Mars.

  • The atmosphere of a commercial space can be divided into the intended atmosphere: the designed space; and the perceived atmosphere: the consumer's perception of that space.
  • He was raised in a strictly religious atmosphere with traditional Islamic values. However, his family produced a liberal [...] atmosphere.
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