Translation for 'attractive' from English to Bulgarian
ADJ   attractive | more attractive | most attractive
attractive {adj}привлекателен
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Translation for 'attractive' from English to Bulgarian

attractive {adj}
Usage Examples English
  • An attractive plant with delicate foliage, it is sometimes seen in cultivation.
  • In a study conducted by Toma and Hancock, “less attractive people were found to be more likely to have chosen a profile picture in which they were significantly more attractive than they were in everyday life."
  • An attractive and liberal investment environment and equal approach to local and foreign investors makes the country an attractive destination for FDI.
  • Preliminary experiments in the specific system of exciton-polaritons fluids showed an effective attractive-repulsive intervortex dynamics between two cowinding vortices, whose attractive component can be modulated by the nonlinearity amount in the fluid.
  • The wingman can occupy the attention of any less attractive people in the other group, allowing their friend to express an interest in the most attractive group member.

  • There is also a model of Red Shiny Robot of Vortis used for infiltration, designed to look like attractive women, though based on the episode, it's debatable whether they truly understand the concept of attractive.
  • But as soon as C would be labeled 'as very valuable' and 'nice to have', then A would become more attractive than C, based on the relations.
  • The study concluded that attractive adolescents had more neotenous and juvenile features, but older attractive boys also showed tendencies towards sexual dimorphism.
  • Cognition example: A person will appear more or less attractive than that person does in isolation when immediately preceded by, or simultaneously compared to, respectively, a less or more attractive person.
  • Female mate guarding concentrates on avoiding attractive, fertile females.

  • When viewing attractive female models, unrestricted men are more interested in the models' physical attractiveness, while restricted men show more interest in the social traits presumably possessed by attractive females.
  • Subtly, there is a difference between a manifold being attractive, and solutions on the manifold being attractive.
  • Dusky myzomelas tend to be sedentary in sufficiently attractive areas, nomadic or migratory in less attractive districts, particularly in the southern part of their range.
  • A study by Eagly and Chaiken However, they were equally likely to be persuaded to take a desirable position on a topic by attractive and unattractive speakers.
  • An attractive 27-year-old business consultant experiences intermittent episodes of excruciating ear pain.

  • In the UK it is regarded as something of a weed, spreading readily on stony waste ground and walls, although it is tolerated for its attractive, long-lasting flowers which are very attractive to bees.
  • A 2020 study reported that women tend to find a man more attractive if the man's previous relationships ended mutually, and less attractive if the man was dumped.
  • A series of studies found assimilation effects when asking participants to rate the attractiveness of faces that were presented simultaneously.
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