Translation for 'by phone' from English to Bulgarian
by phone {adv}по телефона
Partial Matches
phone {noun}телефон {м}
entry phone {noun}
домофон {м}
phone number {noun}телефонен номер {м}
cellular phone {noun} [Am.]клетъчен телефон {м}
cell phone {noun} [Am.]
мобилен телефон {м}
mobile phone {noun} [Br.]мобилен телефон {м}
over the phone {adv}по телефона
by {prep}до
Belarus {noun} <.by>
Беларус {ж}
to incline (by{verb}накланям (се)
by telephone {adv}по телефона
by chance {adv}случайно
unverified to go by {verb} преминавам [несв.] [и за време]
by hand {adv}на ръка
unverified to stop by {verb}наминавам
unverified to stop by {verb}отбивам се [набързо]
unverified by means of {prep}с помощта на
unverified by means of {prep}посредством
unverified by means of {prep}чрез
bit by bit {adv}малко по малко
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Usage Examples English
  • They are intended for use by phone company technicians, the ANAC system bypasses customer features, such as unlisted numbers, caller ID blocking, and outgoing call blocking.
  • Majority of the land-line connection is provided by phone carrier Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company.
  • In Hollywood, director Fred Amiel, movie star Georgia Lorrison, and screenwriter James Lee Bartlow each refuse to speak by phone to Jonathan Shields in Paris.
  • The 28-year-old athlete did not collect her accreditation in Veracruz, a situation for which her teammates located her immediately by phone.
  • They speak to each other every week by phone, usually on Sundays.

  • WMATA also began providing real-time train information by phone in 2010.
  • The Penfield Town Hall can be found at 3100 Atlantic Avenue, Penfield, NY, 14526. It can also be reached by phone at (585) 340-8600.
  • This system was much loved by phone phreaks as it was the same system which the now infamous John Draper made famous.
  • On-line medical orders refers to procedures that must be explicitly approved by a base hospital physician or registered nurse through voice communication (generally by phone or radio) and are generally rare or high risk procedures (e.g.
  • Unable to reach her by phone, he sets out for Tracy's on foot.

  • In February 1968, Ensslin broke up with Vesper by phone, informing him that the relationship was already finished before Felix was born.
  • McGovern spoke with Kennedy by phone minutes before Kennedy was assassinated in Los Angeles.
  • It is served by the Spilsby CallConnect weekday bus service, which must be ordered by phone in advance.
  • It is used as a form of voice compression by phone companies, such as in the GSM standard, for example.
  • To handle this task, the computer would need to be fed information directly, eliminating any manual translation by phone operators, and it would have to be able to analyze that information and automatically develop tracks.

  • Those interested can arrange, either by phone or with the toll collector, to have their cars or motorcycles driven to the other end.
  • Trips on The RIDE are booked in advance online or by phone, or subsidized on-demand trips can be requested via Uber or Lyft on those companies' mobile apps.
  • Pick up people who have pre-booked by phone. They don't respond to hails in the street.
  • Though by then she was no longer an active member of science fiction fandom, she was interviewed by phone during Wiscon (the feminist science fiction convention in Madison, Wisconsin) in 2006 by her friend and member of the same cohort [...] , Samuel R.
  • He gained a reputation for being distant from others; an industry executive complained in 1981 that "Gates is notorious for not being reachable by phone and for not returning phone calls."

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