Translation for 'canopy' from English to Bulgarian
NOUN   a canopy | canopies
VERB   to canopy | canopied | canopied
canopying | canopies
canopy {noun} [Am.] навес от плат (против слънце и дъжд)
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Translation for 'canopy' from English to Bulgarian

canopy {noun} [Am.]
навес от плат (против слънце и дъжд)
Usage Examples English
  • Although sometimes referred to as canopy cover and canopy closure, crown closure is different from these two concepts.
  • The upper canopy of the forest is dominated by the "Hollong" tree ("Dipterocarpus macrocarpus"), while the "Nahar" ("Mesua ferrea") dominates the middle canopy.
  • Until 1979 there was a large open roof known as the "Great Canopy".
  • Whereas the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) is chlorophyll sensitive, the EVI is more responsive to canopy structural variations, including leaf area index (LAI), canopy type, plant physiognomy, and canopy architecture.
  • There are two canopy variants: the normal canopy and a sleeker, lower-profiled 'racing' canopy with no side vent.

  • The practice of building such formations is officially known as : "canopy formations (CF)", Former Terms are "canopy formation skydiving (CFS)" or "canopy relative work (CRW or CReW)".
  • To turn the canopy, the parachutist pulls down the appropriate control line toggle which closes the attached extended gores.
  • Lower the canopy, close and lock it. Apply an upward force on the canopy to make sure it is secure.
  • In 2008 Chase and her husband, along with biologist John Weishampel, received a grant from NASA to conduct a canopy penetrating radar called LiDAR.
  • Umbrella hats have a typical umbrella canopy, with ribs supporting a fabric or plastic covering.

  • Through-Canopy Penetration is similar to Canopy Destruct, but a sharp spike on the top of the seat, known as the "shell tooth", strikes the underside of the canopy and shatters it.
  • Of the Cyclone's stylistic features, the bubble top canopy was the most prominent.
  • It was further developed into the production Sports 800 but without the sliding canopy. The concept featured 1 canopy door that slides backward.
  • An oak forest is a plant community with a tree canopy dominated by oaks ("Quercus spp." ...
  • The station has now been fitted with a canopy in its platform to protect passengers. Canopy installation was also carried out at [...] Station.

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