Translation for 'catalyst' from English to Bulgarian
NOUN   a catalyst | catalysts
SYNO accelerator | catalyst
catalyst {noun}
катализатор {м}
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Translation for 'catalyst' from English to Bulgarian

catalyst {noun}
катализатор {м}химия
Usage Examples English
  • To meet the requirements of global emissions standards, Mitsubishi developed a new catalyst system that combines a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC), NOx Trap Catalyst (NTC) and Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF).
  • The Vandenberg catalyst is named after him. This catalyst is an aluminoxane, prepared from an alkyl-aluminium and water, used as a catalyst in the manufacture of polyether elastomers.
  • Important complexes containing P(Cy)3 ligands include the 2005 Nobel Prize-winning Grubbs' catalyst and the homogeneous hydrogenation catalyst Crabtree's catalyst.
  • Catalyst poisoning refers to the partial or total deactivation of a catalyst by a chemical compound.
  • Inhibition should be distinguished from catalyst poisoning.

  • The catalyst discovered by Yian Shi's group in 1996 was derived from D-fructose, and has a stereogenic center close to the reacting center (ketone)- the rigid six-membered ring structure of the catalyst and adjacent quaternary ring group minimizes epimerization of this stereocenter.
  • The reactor is a vessel in which the cracked product vapors are: (a) separated from the "spent catalyst" by flowing through a set of two-stage cyclones within the reactor and (b) the "spent catalyst" flows downward through a steam stripping section to remove any hydrocarbon vapors before the spent catalyst returns to the "catalyst regenerator".
  • A true catalyst can work in tandem with a sacrificial catalyst. The true catalyst is consumed in the elementary reaction and turned into a deactivated form.
  • The amorphous polyalphaolefins are synthesized by a catalyst system based on a Z-N supported catalyst and an alkyl aluminum co-catalyst.
  • In industry, catalyst deactivation costs billions every year due to process shutdown and catalyst replacement.

  • Recent studies using inkjet printing to deposit the catalyst over the membrane have also shown high catalyst utilization due to the reduced thickness of the deposited catalyst layers.
  • (MEA) is made of an anode and cathode catalyst layer with a membrane layer in between.
  • Whereas, in hydroprocessing, the equilibrium catalyst or spent catalyst is entirely replaced with fresh catalyst upon loss in catalyst activity.
  • Ni2B is an efficient catalyst and reducing agent. It is used as a heterogeneous hydrogenation catalyst.
  • A lot of research has been done on the catalyst used in the ammonia process, but the main catalyst that is used today is not that dissimilar to the one that was first developed.

  • Diffuse anxiety is stimulated by a minor catalyst and may persist long after the catalyst disappears.
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