Translation for 'close to' from English to Bulgarian
VERB   to close | closed | closed
closing | closes
SYNO about | approximately | around | ...
close to {adv}в близост до
Partial Matches
to closeзатварям
close {adj}близък
to {prep}до
from ... to ...от ... до ...
due to {prep}поради
to amount toвъзлиза на
unbeknown to {adv}без знанието на
to need toтрябва да
to have toтрябва
unbeknown to {adv}незабелязано от
unverified to cling (to) прилепвам (се) [несв.] (до, към, о)
unverified to adjust (to) приспособявам се (към) [несв.]
unverified to adjust (to)свиквам (с) [несв.]
next to {prep}до
to come to идвам отново на себе си [съвземам се]
unverified to feign (to pretend) симулирам [несв.] (преструвам се)
to consign to sb.поверявам на нкг. [несв.]
to jump to conclusionsправя прибързани изводи
according to planпо график
to come to power
идвам на власт
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Usage Examples English
  • A highly confusing term is "gain". For example, the sentence "the gain of a system should be doubled", without context, means close to nothing.
  • Superficial is a directional term that indicates that structures are located relatively close to the surface of the body.
  • A bronze statue of Alfred the Great stands at the eastern end of The Broadway, close to the site of Winchester's medieval East Gate.
  • He had been very close to his older brother, and he was devastated by Nicholas' death.
  • Endosymbiontic green algae live close to the surface of some sponges, for example, breadcrumb sponges ("Halichondria panicea").

  • Most of the Alemanni were probably at the time, in fact, resident in or close to the borders of Germania Superior.
  • , almost entirely within Switzerland, and accounting for close to half the area of the country, including all of Central Switzerland.
  • Only recently the ends of some highways that came rather close to one another from the east and the west have been connected.
  • Disciples wished to be close to their holy man or woman in order to study their doctrine or imitate their way of life.
  • In aqueous solution at pH close to neutrality, amino acids exist as zwitterions, i.e.

  • It was found in Piraeus, a port city close to Athens, and is believed to have come from north-eastern Peloponnesus.
  • Sets of islands formed close to the coast of a continent are considered continental archipelagos when they form part of the same continental shelf, when those islands are above-water extensions of the shelf.
  • Argon is denser than air and displaces oxygen close to the ground during inert gas asphyxiation.
  • Now there exist many works focusing on peoples and topics very close to the author's "home".
  • According to Richard Dawkins, a distinction between agnosticism and atheism is unwieldy and depends on how close to zero a person is willing to rate the probability of existence for any given god-like entity.

  • Because of its simplicity, star hopping is a very common method for finding objects that are close to naked-eye stars.
  • Observationally, the effects of these changes are most apparent at high speeds (where objects are moving at speeds close to the speed of light).
  • Of these seamounts, 46 are located close to the Iberian Peninsula.
  • Although Huygens' estimate is remarkably close to modern values, it is often discounted by historians of astronomy because of the many unproven (and incorrect) assumptions he had to make for his method to work; the accuracy of his value seems to be based more on luck than good measurement, with his various errors cancelling each other out.
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