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NOUN   a coax | coaxes
VERB   to coax | coaxed | coaxed
coaxing | coaxes
SYNO coax | coax cable | coaxial cable | ...
to coax {verb}придумвам
to coax {verb}увещавам [несв.]
to coax sb. into doing sth. {verb}уговарям нкг. да направи нщ.
to coax sb. into doing sth. {verb} убеждавам нкг. да направи нщ.
to coax sb. into doing sth. {verb} предразполагам нкг. да направи нщ.
to coax sth. out of sb. {verb} измъквам нщ. от нкг. [несв.] [информация, съгласие и пр.]
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Usage Examples English
  • In such a case the two options would be to use the coax output exclusively, either when viewing analog TV only (which requires plugging and unplugging cables) or full-time (with the reduced digital TV quality produced using the coax output).
  • Carroll Tulloss was a senior development engineer at Baltimore Works, developed mechanical and electric specs for "L” carrier system producing machines in the 1950s/1960s for 12-strand coax cable.
  • Serlo's poems are in Latin, of which the most famous is "Linquo coax ranis".
  • In 1983, IBM marketed the IBM 3270 PC, a bundled package including a PC, a graphics adapter, 3270 emulation software and coax interface card.
  • A coaxial line (coax) has a central signal conductor surrounded by a cylindrical shielding conductor.

  • The 3200 was extremely advanced for the time, being intended to support up to 32 users, all using intelligent Z80-based terminals, each of which could optionally run CP/M attached to the 3200's high speed coax cable.
  • The city considered a variety of other technology choices including wireless, broadband over power lines, and hybrid fiber-coax.
  • About 1970, the coax-22 cable was developed by Bell Labs.
  • In September 2014, EDM Aerotec announced the results of test flying the engine in their EDM Aerotec CoAX 2D/2R coaxial rotor helicopter, saying, "We are glad to present the 6 cylinder in action.
  • Coax has also been used in cable TV and the local loop, in the form of HFC architecture.

  • Hope Mirrlees's "Paris: A Poem" (1920) cites the chorus in the opening of her modernist poem: "Brekekekek coax coax we are passing under the Seine" (line 10), which also performs the sound of the metro train.
  • Similarly, the EPoC architecture consists of a service provider Coax Line Terminal (CLT) and a subscriber Coax Network Unit (CNU).
  • ... 4 GHz, but military whips for 50 MHz to 80 MHz band exist, and are standard issue for the SINCGARS radio in the 30–88 MHz range), the feed coax can go up the centre of a tube.
  • Coax is called "unbalanced line", since the shield conductor is usually connected to electrical ground, however the currents that flow along the center conductor are balanced by opposite currents that skim along the interior surface of the shield; only the current flowing on the exterior surface of the coaxial shield is actually unbalanced.
  • In late 2010, Belden purchased Thomas & Betts Corporation, a coax connectivity and communications products company, $78 million.

  • The characteristic impedance of coaxial cables (coax) is commonly chosen to be [...] for RF and microwave applications. Coax for video applications is usually [...] for its lower loss.
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