Translation for 'companion' from English to Bulgarian
NOUN   a companion | companions
SYNO associate | companion | comrade | ...
companion {noun}другар {м}
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Translation for 'companion' from English to Bulgarian

companion {noun}
другар {м}
Usage Examples English
  • The Wolf–Rayet star that produces the characteristic emission line spectrum of WR 104 has a resolved companion and an unresolved spectroscopic companion, forming a triple system.
  • A model companion of a theory "T" is a companion of "T" that is model complete.
  • Radial velocity observations of this star during 2000–2001 found a variability that suggesting an orbited sub-stellar companion, designated component 'b'.
  • There is also a companion book called "Lily Quench's Companion and Guide to Dragons and the Art of Quenching".
  • Charles pays more attention to his companion than the play. His companion, Amanda, is terrified of seeing anyone she knows with Charles.

  • In 2003, Tucker and Perry also wrote the novella "Companion Piece" for Telos Publishing Ltd.'s range of Doctor Who novellas, introducing a new companion, Catherine Broome.
  • A further companion, 12 Boötis B, was reported with a separation of approximately one arcsecond in 1989, but subsequent surveys have repeatedly failed to detect this companion.
  • An analysis of Hipparcos data strongly suggested a close companion object.
  • η Geminorum is a triple system, with the luminous class M star having a close companion known only from radial velocity variations, and a more distant companion resolved visually.
  • The metabolic functioning of sieve-tube members depends on a close association with the "companion cells", a specialized form of parenchyma cell.

  • The components of a binary star system may be designated by their relative temperatures as the "hot companion" and "cool companion".
  • The atmosphere of this star is enriched with barium, which is usually explained by the transfer of material from a more evolved companion.
  • θ1 D itself has a faint optical companion 1.4" away and a spectroscopic companion in a 40-day orbit. Infrared Optical Telescope Array observations suggest another companion at 18.6 mas.
  • Adopting a companion fills one of your available character slots and can be used by all of your characters.
  • Companion diagnostics are developed based on companion biomarkers, biomarkers that prospectively help predict likely response or severe toxicity.

  • A red dwarf stellar companion at a projected separation of 154 [...] AU was detected in 2012, simultaneously with a planetary companion.
  • They are a good companion dog. [...] Females are generally more tractable and better companion dogs than males.
  • The Washington Double Star Catalog lists T Persei as having a 9th magnitude companion [...] away. This is derived from Hipparcos measurements. However, no other sources report a companion.
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