Translation for 'dogma' from English to Bulgarian
NOUN   a dogma | dogmas / dogmata
SYNO dogma | tenet
dogma {noun}
догма {ж}
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Translation for 'dogma' from English to Bulgarian

dogma {noun}
догма {ж}религ.
Usage Examples English
  • The term "dogmatic fact" is employed in the teaching of the Catholic Church, to mean any fact connected with a dogma, wherein the application of the dogma is itself what constitutes, or more accurately canonizes, the fact.
  • The encyclical "Ad diem illum" of Pope Pius X commemorated the fiftieth anniversary of the dogma of Immaculate Conception, and Pope Pius XII issued the Apostolic constitution Munificentissimus Deus to define "ex cathedra" the dogma of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
  • Karl Barth's views on Mary agreed with much Roman Catholic dogma but disagreed with the Catholic veneration of Mary.
  • For centuries, the Catholic Church did not recognize the Chinese Confucian customs of honouring deceased family members and tried to suppress these in favor of Catholic dogma.
  • The book has drawn criticism within Catholic circles for making the claim that it is possible for Catholic dogma to change, by portraying a fictional "Fourth Vatican Council" that has reversed the Catholic dogma of the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist.

  • In relation to the law, this triadism shows itself in the subfields of legal sociology, legal philosophy and legal dogma.
  • Both before and during the First Vatican Council, he opposed the definition of the dogma of papal infallibility as inopportune, but after the definition was among the first to accept the dogma.
  • "Hot Dogma" is the second studio album by the Australian alternative rock band TISM.
  • Shapiro argues that a superset of these examples should be classified as natural genetic engineering and are sufficient to falsify the central dogma.
  • Following the X-ray crystallography, by Rosalind Franklin and the determination of DNA double helix by Watson and Crick in 1953, further enhanced the understanding of DNA structure and allowed for the establishment of central dogma of molecular biology.

  • In 1968 he received his priestly ordination. In 1974 Cavallin was in Rome defended his work "Dogma and dogma development with Adolf von Harnack". and was named monsignor.
  • Dogma states it is obligatory for every Muslim adult male to perform the funeral prayer upon the death of any Muslim, but the dogma embraces the practical in that it qualifies: when Janazah is performed by the few it alleviates that obligation for all.
  • The column was dedicated on 8 December 1857, celebrating the recently adopted dogma of the Immaculate Conception of 1854.
  • 1969 "Il dogma trinitario" (Rome: Gregorian University), 70 pages.
  • Schopenhauer deemed that this truth was expressed by the Christian dogma of original sin and, in Eastern religions, by the dogma of rebirth.

  • The cleric's dogma determines what type of spell the cleric has access to, with greater access (all spells within a sphere, providing the cleric is of sufficient power [...] to cast it) for those spells closely aligned with the deity's dogma and minor access (spells of equal to or less than 3rd level) of those partially within the deity's dogma, while no access to those spells outside the deity's dogma.
  • For Lossky, Christian mysticism and dogmatic theology were one and the same.
  • In 2009, he took the habilitation exam in dogmatic theology through the Faculty of Theology at the University of Trier.
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