Translation for 'downcast' from English to Bulgarian
ADJ   downcast | more downcast | most downcast
NOUN   downcast | downcasts
VERB   to downcast | downcast / downcasted | downcast / downcasted
downcasting | downcasts
downcast {adj} [of person]унил
downcast {adj} [of person]съкрушен
downcast {adj} [of person]убит (духом)
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Translation for 'downcast' from English to Bulgarian

downcast {adj} [of person]


убит (духом)
Usage Examples English
  • He begins by stating that he has had a tough week, and has plans for tonight because he is feeling downcast.
  • The explosion manifested itself in a volume of flame and dust at the number two or downcast shaft, followed seconds later by a volume of flame from the upcast or number one shaft which set fire to the wooden sheds or headings above it.
  • Chris lingered, as he could not bring himself to leave, noticing the downcast look on John's face.
  • Falkvinge was noticeably downcast when the exit polls arrived during the election night party, but promised the gathered people that this would not be the end of the fight.
  • When depicted in iconography by himself or with individual characteristics, he is shown in an attitude of humble prayer, with downcast eyes and arms crossed over his breast.

  • Other events also celebrated the village’s centenary year, including a party and firework display in Bowburn Park, exactly 100 years after Gertrude Bell (as daughter of the Chairman of Bell Brothers) cut the first sod on 23 July 1906 to commence the sinking of the downcast shaft.
  • Henceforth, gifting handkerchiefs is believed to bring bad fortune upon the recipient due to the downcast association handkerchiefs come along with.
  • songs have been described as "downcast post-breakup material that sounded vulnerable and assured at once".
  • He dies downcast and his debts and duties fall on the innocent Chandran.
  • In object-oriented programming languages, objects can also be downcast : a reference of a base class is cast to one of its derived classes.

  • The poem closes with Peter downcast by his experiences, but eventually emerging as a better man.
  • The colliery initially had three shafts: Hetty Pit (downcast, later upcast), Pit No. 2 and Pit No. 3 (downcast). Hetty Shaft was sunk in 1875 to 392 yards.
  • The instrument is lowered into the water in what is called the downcast to a determined depth or to a few meters above the ocean floor, generally at a rate of about 0.5 m/s.
  • The neighbouring Vivian Colliery closed in 1958 and for some years the Vivian's shaft was used as a downcast for Six Bells.
  • Harap Alb falls in love with his hostage, and is downcast at the prospect of having to surrender her to the Bald Man.

  • Uther returns in the episode, "The Death-Song of Uther Pendragon" – a downcast Arthur seeks to contact his soul on the anniversary of his death.
  • The sinking of this colliery began in 1889 by the Ebbw Vale Steel, Iron and Coal Company Ltd. The downcast shaft being [...] deep and the up-cast [...] yards. The first coal was produced in 1893.
  • 2 (downcast [...]) were sunk [...] south of Pentremawr, to give economic access to the deeper lying extents of the anthracite seams which couldn't be worked economically by slant mining.
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