Translation for 'dusky' from English to Bulgarian
ADJ   dusky | duskier | duskiest
SYNO dark-skinned | dusky | swart | ...
dusky {adj}тъмен [цвят]
dusky dolphin {noun} [Lagenorhynchus obscurus]
тъмен делфин {м}
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Usage Examples English
  • Compare to dusky-tailed flatbill ("Ramphotrigon fuscicauda"), which has dusky rectrices and remiges and a more heavily streaked breast.
  • Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests. Alternate names for the dusky-brown oriole include the dusky oriole, Gray's oriole, Halmahera oriole and Moluccan oriole.
  • Crown, back and wings brown. Face pale gray. Throat and belly pale gray, washed dusky. Breast pale gray mottled dusky. Juveniles more strongly mottled on breast and sides.
  • The dusky salamander is similar in appearance to and thus often confused with the Allegheny Mountain dusky salamander ("Desmognathus ochrophaeus").
  • Other common names include the dusky grasshopper and dusky locust.

  • The head and thorax are dusky grey and the abdomen is yellowish.
  • The wingspan is about 24 mm. The forewings are pure shining white, but the costa is dusky fulvous with a dusky spot at the lower angle of the cell.
  • The American dusky flycatcher ("Empidonax oberholseri"), or simply dusky flycatcher, is a small insectivorous passerine of the tyrant flycatcher family.
  • The male dusky thrush has a simple fluted or whistling song, similar to the redwing. There are suggestions that the songs of dusky and Naumann's thrush differ.
  • "Pseudonacaduba sichela", the African line blue, dusky line blue or dusky blue, is a butterfly of the family Lycaenidae. It is found in Africa, south of the Sahara.

  • This subspecies is a close relative of the extinct dusky seaside sparrow subspecies ("A. m. nigrescens"); it was used to crossbreed with the few remaining dusky seaside sparrows.
  • The caterpillar is obscure greyish or brownish, with a dark-edged pale line along the middle of the dorsum, and a dusky line on each side of it; low down on the sides is another dusky line.
  • Its head and body length is [...] , and the tail is [...] long. Its coloration is dusky brown above and dusky gray below. It differs from the pygmy shrew by larger size and blackish feet.
  • "Cirrhilabrus shutmani" shares similar meristic counts to the other species in its complex, but differs from congeners in the following details: upper part of nape dusky red; dorsal and anal fin bright red dusky markings; pelvic fins bright red, dusky, and unmarked; caudal fin bright yellow basally with distal half bright red.
  • The generic name means "dark/dusky-skinned" (from [...] , meaning "dark or dusky", and [...] , meaning "skin").

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