Translation for 'esoteric' from English to Bulgarian
ADJ   esoteric | more esoteric | most esoteric
NOUN   an esoteric | esoterics
esoteric {adj}езотеричен
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Translation for 'esoteric' from English to Bulgarian

esoteric {adj}
Usage Examples English
  • Gordon Melton writes that Scientology has its roots in Esoteric thought.
  • Certain esoteric interpretations of Islam maintain that the Quran has an exoteric or apparent meaning, known as "zahir", but also an underlying esoteric meaning, known as "batin" (baten), which can be interpreted only by a figure of esoteric knowledge.
  • Rosicrucianism and esoteric branches of Freemasonry taught religious philosophies, Qabalah, and divine magic in progressive steps of initiation.
  • Esoteric Nazism, also known as Esoteric Fascism or Esoteric Hitlerism, refers to a range of mystical interpretations and adaptations of Nazism.
  • A fundamental aspect of Ismailism is the co-existence of the physical and the spiritual, the "zahir" (exoteric) form and the "batin" (esoteric) essence.

  • In some esoteric lineages, Nagarjuna was said to have met Vajrasatva in an iron tower in South India, and was taught tantra, thus transmitting the esoteric teachings to more historical figures.
  • Later, Asahara practiced Western esotericism, yoga, meditation, esoteric Buddhism, and esoteric Christianity.
  • Edmond Bailly was a musician and writer of symbolic, theosophical and esoteric inspiration. He wrote essays, narratives and articles on "esoteric music".
  • The scholarly literature sometimes also uses the term 'esoteric doctrines.' This has nothing to do with the meanings of 'esoteric' common today: it does not indicate a secret doctrine.
  • During the Indian Tantric Age (8th to the 14th century), numerous Buddhist Tantras and other esoteric literature was written in Sanskrit.

  • Kabbalistic notions pervade Hasidic thought, but it developed a new approach to Kabbalah, replacing esoteric theosophical focus with successive psychological internalisation.
  • The Ismaili interpretation of Shia Islam operates in the framework of a co-existence between the exoteric ("zahir") form and the esoteric ("batin") essence.
  • In "The Apocalypse Unsealed" (1910) Pryse published the secret key to decoding the esoteric meaning of the Biblical "Book of Revelation".
  • the Esoteric School in the Tang dynasty of China), these esoteric teachings would later flourish in Japan under the auspices of a Buddhist monk named Kūkai (...), who traveled to Tang China to acquire and request transmission of the esoteric teachings.
  • His work was later used by Helena Blavatsky as evidence for her interpretations of "esoteric Buddhism" [...] (Blavatsky herself did not approve of the term "esoteric Buddhism," to which she preferred "the Secret Doctrine," Occultism, or Sacred Science).

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