Translation for 'estimate' from English to Bulgarian
NOUN   an estimate | estimates
VERB   to estimate | estimated | estimated
estimating | estimates
SYNO appraisal | approximation | estimate | ...
to estimateпреценявам [несв.]
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Translation for 'estimate' from English to Bulgarian

to estimate
преценявам [несв.]
Usage Examples English
  • In statistics a quasi-maximum likelihood estimate (QMLE), also known as a pseudo-likelihood estimate or a composite likelihood estimate, is an estimate of a parameter "θ" in a statistical model that is formed by maximizing a function that is related to the logarithm of the likelihood function, but in discussing the consistency and (asymptotic) variance-covariance matrix, we assume some parts of the distribution may be mis-specified.
  • Note that "m"/"k" cannot be used naively (or rather ("m" + "m"/"k" − 1)/"k") as an estimate of the standard error "SE", as the standard error of an estimator is based on the "population" maximum (a parameter), and using an estimate to estimate the error in that very estimate is circular reasoning.
  • Mark Tauger has estimated a harvest of 45 million tons, an estimate which is even lower than Wheatcroft's estimate, based on data which was collected from 40% of collective farms, an estimate which has been criticized by other scholars.
  • Assume that the expected value of the raw estimate is not zero and consider other estimators obtained by multiplying the raw estimate by a certain parameter.
  • Wapishana population totals around 9,441 in Brazil (2014 estimate), 6,000 in Guyana (1990 estimate), and 37 in Venezuela (2011 estimate).

  • Although the original research did have analytical limitations, the estimate on the age of the mt-MRCA has proven robust.
  • Demonstrations also took place in Philadelphia, where thousands (CNN estimate) joined a march to the Liberty Bell, and in Chicago, where 10,000 people demonstrated (GLW estimate).
  • The population was 31,183 in 1993. census of 2003 (alternately a 2004 estimate). Another recent estimate gives the population as 75,000.
  • Each of these operators has an estimate of execution time, either a single value or a parameterized estimate.
  • Jones use an estimate of 2×1010 neurons in the neocortex and an estimate of 100 neurons per minicolumn, yielding an estimate of 2×108 minicolumns.

  • The impact assessment of the Electronic Trade Documents Bill (see below) prepared by the UK Government estimates in the next 10 years economic benefits ranging from a low estimate of 249.8 million pounds to an high estimate of 2,049.7 million pounds, with a best estimate of 1,137.0 million pounds.
  • On 12 September, NORSAR revised its estimate of the earthquake magnitude upward to 6.1, matching that of the CTBTO, but less powerful than the USGS estimate of 6.3.
  • Ralph Alpher and Robert Herman re-estimate Gamow's estimate at 5 K.
  • (2006 estimate) and natural gas, with annual production of 6.18 billion m3 (2004 estimate) and reserves of 114.4 billion m3 (1 January 2005 estimate).
  • Javal's rule is a mathematical formula used to estimate astigmatism based on keratometry readings. The estimate is useful for high cylinder measures, generally over -2.00 diopters.

  • There is a 2000 estimate of more than 1,200 members and a 2006 estimate of approximately eight thousand. In 2008 Baháʼís estimated their population at 8,500 adherents.
  • The good faith estimate is only an estimate. The final closing costs may be different; however the difference can only be 10% of the third party fees.
  • The algorithm begins at an initial estimate for the optimal value [...] and proceeds iteratively to get a better estimate at each stage.
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