Translation for 'flat' from English to Bulgarian
ADJ   flat | flatter | flattest
NOUN   a flat | flats
SYNO 2-dimensional | apartment | bland | ...
flat {adj}равен
flat {adj} [tasteless]
flat {noun} [esp. Br.]апартамент {м}
flat {noun} [esp. Br.]
квартира {ж}
flat tire {noun} [Am.]
спукана гума {ж}
flat tyre {noun} [Br.]
спукана гума {ж}
in no time flat {adv} [coll.]за нула време [веднага]
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Usage Examples English
  • Flat knitting uses two straight needles to make generally two-dimensional (flat) pieces.
  • A quarter-tone flat, half flat, or demiflat indicating the use of quarter tones, may be marked with various symbols including a flat with a slash (...) or a reversed flat sign (...).
  • "Tagiades gana", the immaculate snow flat, large snow flat or suffused snow flat, is a butterfly belonging to the family Hesperiidae found in Indomalayan realm.
  • According to some flat Earthers, the Flat Earth Society is a government-controlled organization whose true purpose is to make ridiculous claims about flat Earth and therefore discredit the flat Earth movement.
  • In higher-dimensional space, a flat of dimension "k" is referred to as a "k"-flat. Thus, a line may also be called a 1-flat.

  • The first production flat-six engine was in the 1904 "Wilson-Pilcher 18/24 HP" car.
  • The LE was produced in Black (flat), Red (flat), Vinci Grey (metallic), Crono Grey (flat) and Steel Grey (metallic).
  • The Pampean flat-slab is the low angle subduction of oceanic lithosphere beneath Northern Argentina.
  • From early 1964 to 1965, the British pop group The Beatles lived in Flat 7, and also Flat 5 and Flat 6 at some point.
  • As noted above, any flat metric is Ricci-flat. However it is nontrivial to identify Ricci-flat manifolds whose full curvature is nonzero.

  • Landscape in the area is generally low-lying and flat with some rolling hills.
  • The 1869 catalog shows a full line of such instruments including the traditional cornets in E-flat and B-flat, E-flat Alto horn and horn, B-flat tenor, B-flat baritone, B-flat valve trombone and slide trombone, and tubas in B-flat and E-flat.
  • The periphery (flat edge) of the wheel is in contact with the workpiece, producing the flat surface.
  • "Netrocoryne repanda", the bronze flat, eastern bronze flat, or eastern flat, is a butterfly found in Australia, belonging to the subfamily Pyrginae of the family Hesperiidae.
  • The piece then modulates rapidly from bar to bar, passing through: G flat (measure 5); C flat (measure 6); A flat minor (measure 7); and B flat (measure 9).

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