Translation for 'flatter' from English to Bulgarian
ADJ   flat | flatter | flattest
NOUN   flatter | flatters
VERB   to flatter | flattered | flattered
flattering | flatters
SYNO to blandish | to flatter
to flatter sb. {verb}лаская нкг. [несв.]
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Translation for 'flatter' from English to Bulgarian

to flatter sb. {verb}
лаская нкг. [несв.]
Usage Examples English
  • It flows into flatter land where some islands such as Hansisaari are in the river.
  • A quicker delivery with a lower trajectory is sometimes described as "flat" or "flatter".
  • The call sounds 'flatter' and less 'fluty' than the European bee-eater.
  • The harmonic seventh note is about ⅓ semitone (≈ 31 cents) flatter than an equal-tempered minor seventh.
  • The GN400 was based on the SP400 Enduro motorcycle and was also available as the GN400X, which substituted spoke wheels for the GN400's alloy wheels, as well as having a flatter seat and flatter, shorter handlebars.

  • The RG Series features a neck that is very thin in cross-section a wide, flatter than most (430mm/16.9in or 400mm/15.75in radius) double octave (24 fret) fretboard.
  • Ünye has a little port, in a bay on one of the flatter areas of the Black Sea coast.
  • As a general rule, the steeper the demand curve and the flatter the supply curve, the more the consumers will bear the tax.
  • The thorax of the horse is flatter from side to side, as compared to the human thorax, which is flatter from back to front.
  • Compared to finite-order approximations of the Gaussian filter, the Bessel filter has better shaping factor, flatter phase delay, and flatter group delay than a Gaussian of the same order, although the Gaussian has lower time delay and zero overshoot.

  • On a spectacle lens, it is the flatter curvature of the front surface.
  • Lower down the land is flatter.
  • The railway line from Theebine to Nanango passes from east to west through the locality through the flatter land, but the line is no longer operating.
  • The terrain is rugged, including flatter areas and steep escarpments with slopes of more than 45º.
  • In flight, the wings are broader and held flatter than those of black-headed gull.

  • There are two flatter valleys formed by Woopen Creek in the southern part of locality and Vorris Creek in the northern part of the locality.
  • A flatter A-pillar's advantages include reducing the overall drag coefficient and making the car body stronger in a frontal collision, at the expense of reducing driver visibility in a 180° field of view from left to right.
  • Hyperkalemia can lead to sinoventricular conduction, as evidenced on ECG by the P waves becoming flatter and flatter and eventually disappearing.
  • In 2015, the I-680 freeway off-ramp was replaced with one having a longer and flatter approach.
  • Note that, for example, [...] (green) resembles a cosine function, but with flatter hills and shallower valleys.

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