Translation for 'go off' from English to Bulgarian
VERB   to go off | went off | gone off
going off | goes off
SYNO to abscond | to absquatulate | to bolt | ...
to go off {verb}отивам си [несв.]
to go off {verb}тръгвам си [несв.]
unverified to go off [alarm clock] {verb}звънва [будилник ] [св.]
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to go off course [also fig.] {verb} отклонявам се от курса [и прен.]
Partial Matches
to go {verb}вървя
to go {verb}отивам
to take off {verb}тръгвам [несв.]
to toddle off {verb} отдалечавам се с неуверена стъпка
to log off {verb}
приключвам, затварям сесия на компютър
take-off {noun}старт {м}
to take off {verb}заминавам [несв.]
to turn off {verb}изключвам
to show off {verb}надувам се
Go ahead!Давай напред!
unverified to go by {verb} преминавам [несв.] [и за време]
to go deaf {verb}оглушавам [несв.]
to go shopping {verb}ходя на пазар
Fuck off! [vulg.]Разкарай се! [вулг.]
Back off! [coll.] {verb} Изчезни! [Остави ме на мира!] [разг.]
to print out / off {verb}
отпечатвам [на принтер]
Back off! [coll.]Не се меси! [Стой настрана!]
unverified to towel off [Am.] {verb} изсушавам (се) (с хавлия) [несв.]
to take off [to depart] {verb}
излитам [несв.] [за самолет]
to go moldy [Am.] {verb}мухлясам [св.]
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Usage Examples English
  • I'm paid money by the BBC not to go off and work for a commercial radio station ...
  • Every New Year's Eve, the street is also one of the gathering points in Berlin where usually over a million people gather to watch a stage show at the Brandenburg Gate, party and see fireworks go off at midnight.
  • However these radio-controlled torpedoes could easily be detected and jammed, by broadcasting interference at the frequency of the control signal, thereby causing the torpedo to go off course.
  • They go off to fetch the delegates. While they are gone, the Old Women make overtures to the Old Men.
  • A month after witnessing the liberation of Paris in August 1944, Pyle publicly apologized to his readers in a column on September 5, 1944, stating that "my spirit is wobbly and my mind is confused" and he said that if he "heard one more shot or saw one more dead man, I would go off my nut".

  • Newer advancements in wheelchair design enable wheelchairs to climb stairs, go off-road or propel using segway technology or additional add-ons like handbikes or power assists.
  • In 2001, Jacobi won an Emmy Award by mocking his Shakespearean background in the television sitcom "Frasier" episode "The Show Must Go Off", in which he played the hammy, loud, untalented Jackson Hedley, a television star with a misguided belief that he deserves a revival of his stage career.
  • Internal lines end on vertices, while external lines go off to insertions.
  • Observers watch from the Bibb Graves Memorial Bridge as a parade of boats decorated with Christmas lights float down the river under the bridge as fireworks go off.
  • Not even the World Bowl could go off without a hitch.

  • A Time Bomb Exploding Cage Deathmatch is a mixture of a Steel Cage match and a Time Bomb Deathmatch, where every square foot of a steel cage is wrapped in barbed wire and explosives set up around the ring go off after a set time, and five minutes before the explosion a loud siren is activated.
  • He is prepared, however: he engineers an escape, kills his captors, but forgets to disable the nuclear bomb he had intended to go off only if they failed in their escape.
  • Stations had to either channel-share with another TV station in this way or go off the air by Jan.
  • The goal is to go off the jump, perform one of many stunts, and successfully land back on the water.
  • Air raid sirens go off and panic grips Kansas City.

  • In return, he was the only actor Hughes allowed to go off-script; according to Columbus, all his dialogue was improvised.
  • This space is not compact; in a sense, points can go off to infinity to the left or to the right.
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