Translation for 'go shopping' from English to Bulgarian
to go shopping {verb}ходя на пазар
Partial Matches
shopping trolley {noun} количка {ж} за пазаруване в супермаркет
to go {verb}вървя
to go {verb}отивам
to go off {verb}отивам си [несв.]
unverified to go by {verb} преминавам [несв.] [и за време]
to go deaf {verb}оглушавам [несв.]
to go off {verb}тръгвам си [несв.]
Go ahead!Давай напред!
to go moldy [Am.] {verb}мухлясвам [несв.]
to go moldy [Am.] {verb}мухлясам [св.]
to go mouldy [Br.] {verb}мухлясам [св.]
to go mouldy [Br.] {verb}мухлясвам [несв.]
to go through [check] {verb}проверявам
Let's go!Да тръгваме!
to go on holiday {expression}излизам във ваканция
unverified to go to the cinema {verb}ходя [несв.] на кино
unverified to go off [alarm clock] {verb}звънва [будилник ] [св.]
to go off course [also fig.] {verb} отклонявам се от курса [и прен.]
unverified to let go of sb./sth. {verb}пускам нкг./нщ. [несв.]
unverified to give sth. a go [coll.] {verb} опитвам (да направя) нщ. [несв.] [неол.]
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Usage Examples English
  • They go shopping together, flirt with college-aged boys who mistake them for sisters, then happily recount their adventure to Jimmy.
  • Loanwords are put into the frequentative form, if the action is such. If the action can be nothing else but frequentative, the "basic form" doesn't even exist, such as with "to go shopping".
  • The coupe was considered an ideal vehicle for women to use to go shopping or to make social visits.
  • In June 2020, Morrisons introduced a revamped doorstep subscription program targeting elderly and vulnerable people who cannot go shopping in supermarkets.
  • Mathieu arrived in Paris with two dresses and a change of underwear, and Stark set her up in style, sent for Mathieu's two eldest sisters, and let them go shopping for a week.

  • This market trend is satirized in the 1974 animated special "It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown", when the characters go shopping at a department store and discover that it has its Christmas displays up in the middle of April, including a sign forewarning that there were only a mere 246 days left until Christmas.
  • When buying food, people often wrongly project what they will want to eat in the future when they go shopping, which results in food waste.
  • Make My Day - Muffin the Mule, Louise the Lamb and Peregrine the inventive Penguin are going to Muffinham Beach to fish for the day, so Grace the giraffe is relying on Monty the monkey to go shopping for her birthday party.
  • The participant is then given £2000 to go shopping for a new wardrobe, which is supposed to be in accordance with the advice they have been given.
  • With no work that day, she spent time with her family and made plans to go shopping with her mother after visiting her aunt and uncle (Alice and Thomas Colley), but changed her mind and instead remained with them for the evening.

  • A company from Kyrgyzstan chartered the flight, and the passenger manifest mostly included ethnic Russian Kyrgyz citizens planning to go shopping in India. Thirteen Kyrgyz traders boarded the flight.
  • In June 1980, Zigmund Adamski, a coal miner at Lofthouse Colliery approaching retirement, set off from Tingley to go shopping in Wakefield.
  • Both know that they will increase their utility by spending the weekend together, however the man prefers to watch a football game and the woman prefers to go shopping.
  • BBC Enterprises released a video in 1993, comprising the first three episodes of the series, which are known as: "Leader of the Pack", "Saturday Night and Sunday Morning", and "When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Go Shopping".
  • Instead of inspiring large numbers of workers to go on strike, falling prices were inspiring them to go shopping.

  • On the tiny islets off the coast of Jeju, such as Mara Island, where sea-diving was the sole source of income, this reversal of traditional gender roles was fully realized; men would look after the children and go shopping while the women would bring in money for the family.
  • As of June 21, 2018, a Shopper Shuttle was placed to help seniors & people with disabilities go shopping from Charbonneau and Villebois.
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