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SYNO to carry out | to consume | to devour | ...
to go through [check] {verb}проверявам
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to go through / have one's baptism of fire [idiom] {verb} получавам бойно кръщение [идиом.]
Partial Matches
through {prep}през
to look through {verb}преглеждам
to look through sth. {verb}претърсвам нщ.
unverified to hear sth. through the grapevine научавам нщ. от слухове (клюки)
Through a Glass Darkly [Ingmar Bergman]
Като в огледало [Ингмар Бергман]
to go {verb}отивам
to go {verb}вървя
to go shopping {verb}ходя на пазар
Go ahead!Давай напред!
to go off {verb}тръгвам си [несв.]
to go off {verb}отивам си [несв.]
to go deaf {verb}оглушавам [несв.]
unverified to go by {verb} преминавам [несв.] [и за време]
to go mouldy [Br.] {verb}мухлясам [св.]
to go mouldy [Br.] {verb}мухлясвам [несв.]
to go moldy [Am.] {verb}мухлясвам [несв.]
to go moldy [Am.] {verb}мухлясам [св.]
to go on holiday {expression}излизам във ваканция
Let's go!Да тръгваме!
unverified to go to the cinema {verb}ходя [несв.] на кино
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Usage Examples English
  • As a result, international transports (both trade and aid) had to go through Israel, which was hindered by the imposition of generalized border closures.
  • Patients go through a period of spontaneous recovery following brain injury in which they regain a great deal of language function.
  • There are two groups of derivative contracts: the privately traded over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives such as swaps that do not go through an exchange or other intermediary, and exchange-traded derivatives (ETD) that are traded through specialized derivatives exchanges or other exchanges.
  • For this reason before going cruising many people go through first aid training and carry medical kits.
  • The treatment enables the chemotherapeutic drugs, which otherwise cannot or hardly go through the membrane of cells (such as bleomycin and cisplatin), to enter the cancer cells.

  • In golf croquet, a hoop is won by the first ball to go through each hoop. Unlike association croquet, there are no additional turns for hitting other balls.
  • The class of 2006 was the largest class to go through Cadillac Public Schools.
  • The outputs that go back into the sequencer to determine the next address have to go through some sort of register to prevent the creation of a race condition.
  • Upper Lars is the only land border crossing that does not go through Georgia's Russian-backed breakaway regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.
  • This alludes to the Catholic belief in a spiritual state, known as Purgatory, in which those souls who are not condemned to Hell, but are also not completely pure as required for entry into Heaven, go through a final process of purification before their full acceptance into Heaven.

  • Most city bus lines go through the inner city and pass through either Park Allé or Banegårdspladsen, or both, right at the central station.
  • Many thousands of ex-servicemen were assisted to go through college who could never have contemplated it before the war.
  • After any BDSM activities, it is important that the participants go through sexual aftercare, to process and calm down from the activity.
  • Flow goes from the side with loose holes to the side with the tight holes, with the intent that large particles get stuck in the large holes while leaving enough room around the particles and filter medium for smaller particles to go through and get stuck in tighter holes.
  • Most volatile compounds (anywhere near ambient temperatures) go through an intermediate liquid phase while warming up from a solid phase to eventually transform to a vapor phase.

  • Program comments start with a double hyphen [...] and go through the end of line.
  • Route 67 also go through Davenport; U.S. 67 crosses over to Illinois via the Rock Island Centennial Bridge.
  • A Cartesian coordinate system for a three-dimensional space consists of an ordered triplet of lines (the "axes") that go through a common point (the "origin"), and are pair-wise perpendicular; an orientation for each axis; and a single unit of length for all three axes.
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