Translation for 'grammatical' from English to Bulgarian
ADJ   grammatical | more grammatical | most grammatical
SYNO grammatic | grammatical | well-formed
grammatical {adj}граматичен
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Translation for 'grammatical' from English to Bulgarian

grammatical {adj}
Usage Examples English
  • Gerdts proposed Mapping Theory in 1992 as an offshoot of Relational Grammar that takes into account the association between grammatical relations and morphosyntactic argument structure.
  • Grammatical words have little or ambiguous lexical meaning but represent a grammatical relationship with other words in the same sentence.
  • a 68–page study of grammatical particles. The work is full of careful and original observations on the grammatical functions of both individual grammatical particles and combinations of these.
  • With a few important exceptions, Hungarian does not have grammatical gender or a grammatical distinction between animate and inanimate.
  • Ottawa grammatical gender classifies nouns as either animate or inanimate.

  • Grammatical competence refers to the ability to correctly combine grammatical elements of a language.
  • Specific verbs – verbs whose objects are definite as opposed to indefinite – take suffixes that indicate the grammatical person of both the subject and the object, but not their grammatical number.
  • We can also distinguish between analytic constructions (with free grammatical morphemes, i.e. ...
  • Lexical tones are used to distinguish lexical meanings. Grammatical tones, on the other hand, change the grammatical categories.
  • The chronicle from the original copied text through the continuations shows the history of the loss of grammatical gender in West Saxon English, going from the copied portion which while mostly conforming to Old English grammatical gender does have some discrepancies, through the first continuation in which modifiers are re-adapted to other functions and there is a large discrepancy with Old English grammatical gender, to the second continuation in which grammatical gender is completely lost or nearly so.

  • Grammatical particles were gradually added to Lojban as the grammatical description of the language was made.
  • Generically identified Neo-Babylonian grammatical texts (NBGT) and Old-Babylonian grammatical texts (OBGT) have been omitted.
  • Grammatical tagging of each word, based on the CLAWS1 tagset, was added to the text of the SEC by an automatic process.
  • In computer science, Java Grammatical Evolution is an implementation of grammatical evolution in the Java programming language. Examples include jGE library and GEVA.
  • The unidirectionality hypothesis is the idea that grammaticalization, the development of lexical elements into grammatical ones, or less grammatical into more grammatical, is the preferred direction of linguistic change and that a grammatical item is much less likely to move backwards rather than forwards on Hopper & Traugott's cline of grammaticalization.

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