Translation for 'greedily' from English to Bulgarian
SYNO avariciously | covetously | greedily
greedily {adv}лакомо
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Translation for 'greedily' from English to Bulgarian

greedily {adv}
Usage Examples English
  • They only take on a limited responsibility, but they greedily demand high dividend payments."
  • "Phlaocyon" (from Greek "phlao", "eat greedily" and "cyon", "dog") is an extinct genus of the Borophaginae subfamily of canids native to North America.
  • He ate greedily, as the group asked Young-min for his report on the lost time.
  • Causal entropic forces by definition maximize entropy production between the present and future time horizon, rather than just greedily maximizing instantaneous entropy production like typical entropic forces.
  • "Onobrychis" means "devoured by donkeys", from Ancient Greek "ónos" (ὄνος, "donkey") and "brýkein" (βρύκειν, "to eat greedily").

  • In 1840, the following hunt rules were put in place to ensure no hunter would act greedily or harm the other members of the brigade in any way.
  • The specific epithet combines the generic name of the host plant and the Latin word "vorare" (meaning greedily eating) and refers to the ability of the larva to consume its host leaf quickly.
  • This teaches us to do everything sparingly and not greedily.
  • Ernestina becomes tired of being pranked by the girls and is replaced by Matilde, her stricter (and darker) identical twin sister that won't tolerate their banters, as Carmem, the orphanage director, greedily manages to own the Manor where Raio de Luz is localized to herself.
  • in diameter which is greedily eaten by birds. The nectar attracts great numbers of insects to the flowers.

  • In a post-credits scene, Heather's adoptive parents arrive at the Carson estate to visit Heather, intending on greedily splitting her assets.
  • Song dynasty's first prince Kwai Sing (Pierre Ngo) and second prince Kwai Wo (Lai Lok-yi) greedily compete for the throne.
  • This Mummy, was found some time ago by vandal treasure hunters, and fortunately abandoned on the floor of the room at one end, while greedily digging at the opposite end.
  • As Söfren takes note of the fine furnishings, Magarete lays out another repast, which Söfren devours greedily despite having just come from the town dinner.
  • Larvae are sluggish but eat very greedily and continuously.

  • Coruña (possibly from Aymara for "to eat greedily") is a mountain in the Barroso mountain range in the Andes of Peru, about [...] high.
  • The resolution in the third foot of the second line reinforces the meaning of [...] "to snatch", as she greedily reaches for food from the funeral pyre without regard for taboos.
  • A remarkable property of the backpressure algorithm is that it acts greedily every slot "t" based only on the observed topology state "S"("t") and queue backlogs [...] for that slot.
  • The learning objective function is defined as [...] , where [...] is a differentiable loss function which is greedily minimized using training data [...] and [...].
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