Translation for 'green' from English to Bulgarian
ADJ   green | greener | greenest
NOUN   a green | greens
VERB   to green | greened | greened
greening | greens
SYNO cat valium | common | commons | ...
green {adj}зелен
2 Words
dark green {adj}тъмнозелен
pale green {adj}бледозелен
green card {noun}зелена карта {ж}
green salad {noun}зелена салата {ж}
green tea {noun}
зелен чай {м}
Taxa/Species (Animals, Plants, Fungi)
green anaconda {noun} [Eunectes murinus]
зелена анаконда {ж}
green anaconda {noun} [Eunectes murinus]
гигантска анаконда {ж}
green heron {noun} [Butorides virescens]
зеленогърба чапла {ж}
green rosella {noun} [Platycercus caledonicus]
зелена розела {ж}
green sandpiper {noun} [Tringa ochropus]
голям горски водобегач {м}
green shield bug {noun} [Palomena prasina]
вонещица {ж}
green shield bug {noun} [Palomena prasina]
миризливка {ж}
Hallowell's green mamba {noun} [Dendroaspis viridis]
западна зелена мамба {ж}
West African green mamba {noun} [Dendroaspis viridis]
западна зелена мамба {ж}
western green mamba {noun} [Dendroaspis viridis]
западна зелена мамба {ж}
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Usage Examples English
  • Steven Peck is founder and president of Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, a non-profit industry association promoting the planning, designing and building of green roof, green walls and other architecture projects.
  • The color defined as "green" in HTML/CSS color standard is the color called green, low green, or medium green in many of the older eight-bit computer palettes.
  • Green America publishes the "National Green Pages", a nationwide directory of screened, socially and environmental responsible businesses in the United States.
  • Between 1975 and 1986, the winter uniform was a bottle green wrap skirt, bottle green jumper or cardigan, white shirt and bottle green tie.
  • Prasiolite (also known as green quartz, green amethyst or vermarine) is a green variety of quartz.

  • The parish of Bacton includes the village itself, the adjoining hamlet of Earl's Green and the outlying settlements of Bacton Green, Canham's Green, Cow Green and Ford's Green.
  • The color that is the complement of red-violet, mint green, lies halfway between green and spring green. It is very close to sea green but highly saturated and of a bright hue.
  • Avaada Group deals in green ammonia, green methanol, and Sustainable aviation fuel under its subsidiary Avaada Green Hydrogen Private Limited.
  • The Fremont Green Sox' uniforms were white flannel, trimmed in green piping, with black belts. The caps were solid green and stockings were green and white.
  • Teal green is a darker shade of teal with more green. It is a variable colour averaging a dark bluish-green that is green, darker, and stronger than invisible green or pine tree.

  • Known as the "Green Lady of Brooklyn," Eaton always wears green and decorates her home in various shades of green.
  • It has a wingspan of 14–18 mm, head and thorax are green, palpi white spotted with olive green, forewings deep emerald green.
  • The recent study has extended into green entrepreneurial orientation, which highlights the green technological leadership, green products, green administrative techniques, and green operation technology.
  • The main shopping area is along Marion Crescent, with a smaller parade located on Tillingbourne Green/Ranmore Path.
  • Adults have bluish green, rather translucent wings with white and darker green fasciae and green fringes.

  • Pleochroism is variable in green, yellow-green, bluish-green and brown.
  • Other leaf patterns in the Lake Garda area include dark green with silver or lighter green marbling and plain green.
  • The camouflage pattern is made up of five colours most commonly found in Southern Africa with Kalahari brown as base colour and blotches of dark green, grass green & pale green with dark green & pale green spots forming the camouflage.
  • The color is also called soft spring green, spring green (traditional), or spring green (M&P).
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