Translation for 'harmful' from English to Bulgarian
ADJ   harmful | more harmful | most harmful
harmful {adj}вреден
harmful {adj}зловреден
harmful {adj}злосторен
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Translation for 'harmful' from English to Bulgarian

harmful {adj}


Usage Examples English
  • Vaping is likely less harmful than smoking, but still harmful.
  • A fourth risk is that it may be harmful to realize that one's actual competence does not match up to their illusions.
  • Self-destructive behavior is any behavior that is harmful or potentially harmful towards the person who engages in the behavior.
  • There are two kinds of monster in "Nodes of Yesod" - harmful and non-harmful.
  • Particulate matter is the most harmful to public health of all air pollutants in Europe. Black carbon particulate matter contains very fine carcinogens and is therefore particularly harmful.

  • Mitigation is the reduction of something harmful or the reduction of its harmful effects.
  • Of particular note are the harmful algal blooms (HABs), which are algal bloom events involving toxic or otherwise harmful phytoplankton.
  • While not inherently harmful, reality shifting can become harmful if used by unhealthy individuals, however using it as a form of escapism in itself is not harmful at all.
  • These galls are usually rare in vineyards, and therefore not harmful, nor are they particularly harmful towards wild plants.
  • The 11 (at the time) CEO signatories and their companies are part of the Producers' Commitments to reduce harmful drinking.

  • The concentrations of chemicals is harmful to fish, and oil on the surface of the ponds is harmful to birds.
  • Some harmful species commonly known as flies belong to neighbouring genera, such as "Cacopsylla" (which includes most of the pyslla harmful to fruit trees), the Albizia fly ("Acizzia jamatonica", from the Psyllidae family) and the laurel fly ("Trioza alacris").
  • The 'n' in Harmful (Xn) stands for the French word "nocif" (harmful) and the Italian word "nocivo" (noxious).
  • Mechanical fluids, such as lubricants, can leak out, which may be harmful to the marine life nearby. Proper maintenance can minimize the number of harmful chemicals that may enter the environment.
  • Peat and hard coal are the most harmful energy sources for global warming in Finland. According to VTT studies, peat is often the most harmful one.

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