Translation for 'height' from English to Bulgarian
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height {noun}височина {ж}
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Translation for 'height' from English to Bulgarian

height {noun}
височина {ж}
Usage Examples English
  • Standard Diameter Height (SDH) is the height at which tree diameter is measured, and is normally called diameter at breast height (DBH).
  • Height and weight at height of her career (): Ht:" Wt:lbs.
  • Approximate height of the wearer: There is statistical correlation between foot/footwear size and height and also stride length and height.
  • Associated with every term is a natural number called its height. Atoms are of zero height, while applications are of height one plus the height of their highest operand.
  • If the athlete gradually improves his jump height, the same platform height is continued until increases in jump height are no longer observed.

  • "5.25-inch" drive bays are divided into two height specifications, "full-height" and "half-height".
  • The plant has seven chimneys in total: three with a height of 120m, two with a height of 250m, one with a height of 100m, and one with a height of 180m.
  • Surrogate height measurements are used when standing height and recumbent length are impractical.
  • It is a detached six-bay double-height building on a cruciform plan comprising a four-bay double-height nave which opens into single-bay double-height transepts all centred on a single-bay double-height chancel.
  • An M1000e holds up to 32 quarter-height, 16 half-height blades or 8 full-height blades or a mix of them (e.g. ...

  • The reference point for the Swiss national height network is the Pierres du Niton (French: "Neptune's Stones"), a pair of unusual rocks in the harbour of Lake Geneva.
  • The height of the dam is variously given as 26 m (probably height above valley floor) or 28.4 m (probably structural height).
  • The scale height of pressure in Pluto's atmosphere varies significantly with height (in other words, the height dependence of the pressure deviates from exponential).
  • Height & weight at height of career (1990): Ht: Wt:lbs.
  • Approximate height and weight at the height of his career (1974–1978): Height: 5'10; Weight: 175 lbs.

  • There are 24 equipment height floors ([...] in height), a Band Branching area (Floor 25) – the square section seen from outside, which is approximately double the normal floor height, followed by five aerial galleries.
  • The height of the idol constructed increased one foot every year since 1954 until 2014 where it reached [...].
  • Hanging pot racks come in various heights. There are three measurements needed in order to install a hanging pot rack.
  • A node of height [...] has [...] children: a first child of height [...] , a second child of height [...] , and so on to the last child of height [...].
  • Important peaks in the southwest Sispara/Bangitipal part of the park are Sispara (height: [...]) Anginda (height: [...]), Nadugani (height: [...]) and Gulkal (height: [...]).

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