Translation for 'identical' from English to Bulgarian
ADJ   identical | more identical | most identical
NOUN   identical | identicals
SYNO identical | indistinguishable | monovular | ...
identical {adj}идентичен
identical {adj}тъждествен
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Translation for 'identical' from English to Bulgarian

identical {adj}

Usage Examples English
  • An isograft is a subset of allograft in which organs or tissues are transplanted from a donor to a genetically identical recipient (such as an identical twin).
  • Since pure functions have identical return values for identical arguments, they are well suited to unit testing.
  • If the relative pronoun is identical to the definite article several identical forms may follow each other.
  • The IRS has published no exact definition of what constitutes a "substantially identical" security.
  • Two code sequences may be duplicates of each other without being character-for-character identical, for example by being character-for-character identical only when white space characters and comments are ignored, or by being token-for-token identical, or token-for-token identical with occasional variation.

  • All the faces are identical, each edge is identical and each vertex is identical.
  • The track listing is identical for both the CD and DVD, which are in turn identical to the studio release of "BE".
  • Monozygotic (identical) twins do not run in families. The twinning is random, due to the egg splitting, so all parents have an equal chance of conceiving identical twins.
  • Cyrillic is, by far, the most commonly used alphabet for homoglyphs, largely because it contains 11 lowercase glyphs that are identical or nearly identical to Latin counterparts.
  • Between Auslan, BSL and NZSL, 82% of signs are identical (per Swadesh lists).

  • This prevents TDFA states from mapping: a pair of states that contain identical TNFA states but different tag offsets are not identical and cannot be mapped.
  • Nalbariya has seven vowels, identical to Barpetia dialect, and almost identical to Standard Assamese, which has an additional vowel.
  • Despite sharing parents, siblings do not inherit identical genes, making studies on identical twins (who have identical DNA) especially effective at analyzing the role genetics play in phenotypic similarity.
  • Though the P905 may be identical to the P910 in software terms they are not identical in hardware terms.
  • In a particular system, oscillators may be identical or non-identical. That is, either the network is made up of homogeneous or heterogeneous nodes.

  • The L-section is identical topology to the potential divider topology.
  • ... e. identical) twins. Identical twins share the same genotype, since their genomes are identical; but they never have the same phenotype, although their phenotypes may be very similar.
  • Total assimilation, where one sound becomes identical to a neighboring sound, is of two types: progressive, where the assimilated sound becomes identical to the following sound; and regressive, where it becomes identical to the preceding sound.
  • To avoid these problems and guarantee that logically-identical XML documents give identical digital signatures, an XML canonicalization transform (frequently abbreviated C14n) is employed when signing XML documents (for signing the [...] , a canonicalization is mandatory).
  • Others said she was Persephone's nurse; Persephone's gaoler; identical with Aphrodite; identical with Demeter; identical with Hera; identical with Hekate; an enemy of Demeter, so that the latter's priestess avoided her rites.

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