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NOUN   an intensifier | intensifiers
SYNO intensifier | intensive
intensifier {noun}
усилваща дума {ж}
intensifier {noun}
усилваща частица {ж}
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Translation for 'intensifier' from English to Bulgarian

intensifier {noun}
усилваща дума {ж}линг.

усилваща частица {ж}линг.
Usage Examples English
  • Conjunctions and particles are not easily separable because they sometimes function as an intensifier, and sometimes as a conjunction.
  • For these reasons, Huddleston argues that intensifier not be recognized as a primary grammatical or lexical category.
  • The device can utilize either one intensifier tube with the same image sent to both eyes, or a separate image intensifier tube for each eye.
  • Scholarship suggests the name is a compound of "at-" (intensifier), "-epo-" (the Celtic word for "horse") and "-marus" ("large, great").
  • Latin has a dedicated intensifier, "ipse", "-a", "-um", used to emphasize a noun or pronoun in either a subject or a predicate of a sentence.
  • "Literally" is an English adverb. It has been controversially used as an intensifier for figurative statements.
  • An image intensifier inherently includes a shutter functionality: If the control voltage between the photocathode and the MCP is reversed, the emitted photoelectrons are not accelerated towards the MCP but return to the photocathode.
  • In addition to image intensifier input phosphors, caesium iodide is often also used in medicine as the scintillating material in flat panel x-ray detectors.
  • The Photron FASTCAM SPECTRA is a 256 x 256 High-speed camera coupled with an image intensifier.
  • Electronic Gating (or 'gating') is a means by which an image intensifier tube may be switched ON and OFF in a controlled manner.
  • The introduction of flat-panel detectors allows for the replacement of the image intensifier in fluoroscope design.
  • "Fuck" is an English term for the act of sexual intercourse, also used as an intensifier or interjection, and generally considered vulgar.
  • The term is also frequently used as a mild expletive or an intensifier in India.
  • Much of the success and longevity of the AN/PVS-4 was due to the MX-9644 Image Intensifier tube.
  • There are two types of pumps used to create this high pressure; an intensifier pump and a direct drive or crankshaft pump.
  • Instead of using ' [...] ' or ' [...] ' as intensifier for an adjective, Perak Malay speakers also use specific intensifiers for some adjectives.
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