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NOUN   an inventory number | inventory numbers
inventory number {noun}инвентарен номер {м}
Partial Matches
inventory {noun}списък {м} на имущество
inventory {noun}инвентар {м}
inventory {noun}опис {м} на имущество
number {noun}брой {м}
to number {verb}номерирам
number {noun}число {ср}
number {noun} <no.>номер {м} <№>
perfect number {noun}
съвършено число {ср}
decimal number {noun}десетично число {ср}
square number {noun}
квадратно число {ср}
phone number {noun}телефонен номер {м}
prime number {noun}
просто число {ср}
random number {noun}
случайно число {ср}
tetrahedral number {noun}
тетраедрално число {ср}
triangular pyramidal number {noun}
триъгълното пирамидално число {ср}
floating point number {noun}
число {ср} с плаваща запетая
CAS (regisrty) number {noun}
регистрационен номер {м} в CAS
International Bank Account Number {noun} <IBAN>
международен номер {м} на банкова сметка <IBAN>
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Usage Examples English
  • In the present day, Amenhotep's mummy has the inventory number CG 61074.
  • When triggered by an electromagnetic interrogation pulse from a nearby RFID reader device, the tag transmits digital data, usually an identifying inventory number, back to the reader.
  • Her mummy has the inventory number CG 61070. In April 2021 her mummy was moved from the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities to National Museum of Egyptian Civilization along with those of 3 other queens and 18 kings in an event termed the Pharaohs' Golden Parade.
  • It was acquired by the Louvre in 1899 and has since then been in the département des objets d'art (inventory number OA 9063).
  • The type material has been lost, lacking a known inventory number, making it difficult to test the several hypotheses. The taxon is today commonly seen as a "nomen dubium".

  • It is part of the collection of the Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center under inventory number BHI 127327.
  • "Bienosaurus" is based on holotype IVPP V15311 (in 2001 incorrectly given the inventory number IVPP V 9612). It consists of a partial right lower jaw with teeth and several cranial fragments.
  • The stamp is the proof mark showing acceptance by the are the Spanish Military Police (Guardia Civil), and the 5-digit number is the Guardia Civil inventory number.
  • The original block was purchased by the British Museum of Natural History in 1879, from Edward Charlesworth selling the collection of the late Samuel Long Waring, and given the inventory number BMNH 49984, but the remains were not studied until 1891.
  • The London Science Museum has an R engine on display which is catalogued as a stand-alone item, inventory number 1948-310.

  • Remarkably, it still survives and Montezuma's headdress can be seen at the Museum of Ethnology, Vienna (inventory number 10402VO) along with other ancient Mexican artifacts.
  • Illinois uses unique "inventory number" signage on rural roads that are owned or maintained by IDOT but may or may not be part of the US or Illinois highway systems.
  • During the middle of the 19th century, it was given the inventory number "EA 24", "EA" standing for "Egyptian Antiquities".
  • The mummy has the inventory number CG 61065. In April 2021 the mummy was moved to National Museum of Egyptian Civilization along with those of 17 kings and 4 queens in an event termed the Pharaohs' Golden Parade.
  • crassus", and in fact to the lectotype frill recovered from the Judith River Formation of Montana; even the other material of the AMNH 3998 inventory number cannot justifiably be referred to it.

  • It was acquired in 2008 by the Musée National du Moyen Age in Paris, where it was on display [...] with inventory number CL23842.
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