Translation for 'iteration' from English to Bulgarian
NOUN   an iteration | iterations
SYNO iteration | loop | looping
iteration {noun}повторение {ср}
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Translation for 'iteration' from English to Bulgarian

iteration {noun}
повторение {ср}
Usage Examples English
  • The first 5 instruction words begin iteration 1 of the calculation.
  • Some of the more advanced eigenvalue algorithms can be understood as variations of the power iteration.
  • Because the vectors usually soon become almost linearly dependent due to the properties of power iteration, methods relying on Krylov subspace frequently involve some orthogonalization scheme, such as Lanczos iteration for Hermitian matrices or Arnoldi iteration for more general matrices.
  • An iteration is again represented with joined boxes.
  • Iteration is the repetition of a process in order to generate a (possibly unbounded) sequence of outcomes.

  • Monte Carlo methods can be used in an algorithm that mimics policy iteration. Policy iteration consists of two steps: "policy evaluation" and "policy improvement".
  • In this example, a true dependence exists between statement S1 in the jth iteration and S1 in the j+1th iteration.
  • Probabilistic planning can be solved with iterative methods such as value iteration and policy iteration, when the state space is sufficiently small.
  • This is analogous to the way that software publishers may denominate an iteration "version 3.7" and the subsequent updated iteration "version 4" instead of "version 3.8".
  • The often used halting criterion is set the iteration times to be about 4~5. Even with low iteration, the algorithm works well.

  • Computer programs like excel contain iteration or goal seek functions that can automatically calculate the actual depth instead of manual iteration.
  • Analog observation is typically divided into two iteration of application: The first iteration primarily studies the effect of manipulation of variables in the subject's environment, including setting and events, on the subject's behavior.
  • Generally the "k"th iteration is an application of the MA filter to the ("k" − 1)th iteration. The iteration process of a simple operation of MA is very convenient computationally.
  • Each iteration can be found by copying the previous iteration, then an R, then a second copy of the previous iteration in reverse order with the L and R letters swapped.
  • This enables a short three-term recurrence for [...] in the iteration, and the Arnoldi iteration is reduced to the Lanczos iteration.

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