Translation for 'latency' from English to Bulgarian
NOUN   a latency | latencies
SYNO latency | latent period | reaction time | ...
latency {noun}латентност {ж}
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Translation for 'latency' from English to Bulgarian

latency {noun}
латентност {ж}
Usage Examples English
  • On average, the latency in healthy adults decreases by a few minutes after a night without sleep, and the latency from sleep onset to slow-wave sleep is halved.
  • EBV can exhibit one of three latency programs: Latency I, Latency II, or Latency III. Each latency program leads to the production of a limited, distinct set of viral proteins and viral RNAs.
  • With end-to-end QoS managed and assured rate connections, latency can be reduced to analogue PSTN/POTS levels.
  • The total delay in a data transaction can be typically written as a sum of initial access latency plus sequential access latency.
  • When interpreting the ABR, we look at amplitude (the number of neurons firing), latency (the speed of transmission), interpeak latency (the time between peaks), and interaural latency (the difference in wave V latency between ears).

  • Real-time business intelligence technologies are designed to reduce all three latencies to as close to zero as possible, whereas traditional business intelligence only seeks to reduce data latency and does not address analysis latency or action latency since both are governed by manual processes.
  • "Betaherpesvirinae" establish latency (site where virus lies dormant until reactivated) in leukocytes.
  • Episomal latency refers to the use of genetic episomes during latency.
  • Latency is the time lag in delivery of real-time data, i.e.
  • Practice effects are also influenced by latency. Anderson, Fincham, and Douglass looked at the relationship between practice and latency and people's ability to retain what they learned.

  • Common network protocols like Ethernet use large packet sizes, which produce a larger minimum latency. Asynchronous transfer mode divides data into 48-byte "cells" which provide lower latency.
  • Latency is unavoidable in online games, and the quality of the player's experience is strictly tied to this (the more latency there is between players, the greater the feeling that the game is not responsive to their inputs).
  • KVH specializes in operating and developing low-latency networks for the financial services industry, and provides low latency connectivity to all major Japanese exchanges.
  • This latency shows up as a component of the branch misprediction latency.
  • The MTA is latency-tolerant, including irregular latency, giving good performance on irregular computations if there is enough concurrency to "cover" delays.

  • In 5G, the ideal "air latency" is of the order of 8 to 12 milliseconds i.e., excluding delays due to HARQ retransmissions, handovers, etc.
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