Translation for 'loud' from English to Bulgarian
ADJ   loud | louder | loudest
SYNO aloud | forte | loud | ...
loud {adj}шумен
loud {adj} [color]крещящ [цвят]
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Translation for 'loud' from English to Bulgarian

loud {adj}
loud {adj} [color]
крещящ [цвят]
Usage Examples English
  • "Little Miss Loud" is part of the "Little Miss" series. Little Miss Loud lives in Loudland and, like Mr Noisy, Miss Loud is very loud indeed.
  • If the participants like very loud music, noisemakers like the pea whistle, the recorder head joint, the vuvuzela or the ratchet can be included into the rhythm band, as well as other loud rhythm instruments like the snare drum.
  • Stanley Mises, a local New York Sunday News reviewer who attended the Coventry performances, cited that the show was more complex and the music was "loud, loud, loud" but fairly simple.
  • The crimson-bellied woodpecker's song is "a repetition of harsh, nasal, squeaky but loud "eer" notes".
  • Because the system is very loud, Flex provides ear plugs free of charge for those who find it necessary to dampen the loud bursts of bass and sound.

  • British train Horns have two tones, high or low, and in some cases, a loud or soft setting. If the horn lacks a loud-or-soft soft setting then train drivers are to use the setting provided.
  • In guenons, selection is responsible for the evolution of predator-specific alarm calls from loud calls.
  • Idiomatic use of the phrase "say the quiet part loud" to mean to reveal an opinion usually expected to be kept from the public, derived from Krusty's line "I said the quiet part loud and the loud part quiet" after unwittingly admitting to being bribed by Mr Burns into choosing "A Burns for All Seasons" as the winning film, gained wide currency in the 2010s, chiefly in political discourse.
  • An acoustic shock can also occur after exposure to an unexpected moderately loud to loud noise, even if this does not necessarily result in permanent cochlear damage.
  • It had been practiced since ancient times among the rural population in Central and Eastern Europe. Loud and clear singing originates from practicing in the open air while working in the field.

  • Acoustic trauma is the sustainment of an injury to the eardrum as a result of a very loud noise.
  • "Fortepiano" is Italian for "loud-soft", just as the formal name for the modern piano, "pianoforte", is "soft-loud".
  • In addition, Starkey offers two accessories for hearing protection: a line of digital hearing aids called SoundGear that enhance sound quality while protecting ears from sudden loud noises and custom-fit earplugs which protect workers and others from unusually loud or noisy environments.
  • His next Marathi movies (Loud speaker ) shooting is just started in his hometown as earlier he done three movies in his town place .
  • After loud chants of "Ron Paul" from the floor, she stated (referring to Romney) "We have a presidential nominee", resulting in loud booing.

  • Musically the album is reminiscent of his 2008 EP Black Wooden Ceiling Opening and dynamic in nature with Elverum describing it as "Quiet/loud/quiet/loud."
  • He discovered that traditional hearing aids of the day amplified loud sounds to the same extent as quiet sounds.
  • The song of this bird is a simple, loud, ringing "sweet-sweet-sweet-sweet-sweet". The call is a loud, dry chip, like that of a hooded warbler. Its flight call is a loud [...].
  • In some dialects of English, the voiced fricatives devoice when they are in pausa, making the /z/ a [...] in "a loud buzz" but remaining a [...] in "a buzz that's loud".
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