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NOUN   a lower lip | lower lips
lower lip {noun} [Labium inferius (oris)]
долна устна {ж}
to lower {verb}спускам
Lower Silesia {noun}
Долна Силезия {ж}
lower case letter {noun}малка буква {ж}
lip {noun} [Labium oris]
устна {ж}
upper lip {noun} [Labium superius (oris)]
горна устна {ж}
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Usage Examples English
  • The first pair of maxillae form the lower lip, and bear short palps.
  • The skin under the lower lip will be taut with no air pocket.
  • In phonetics, labiodentals are consonants articulated with the lower lip and the upper teeth.
  • In April 2019, Fonda revealed she had a cancerous growth removed from her lower lip the previous year and pre-melanoma growths removed from her skin.
  • The lower lip is larger, with 3-lobes, and the middle lobe is the largest.

  • Lip piercing continues to be practiced by many people, the most well-known of which are certain African tribes, who wear large decorative lip plates or discs, usually in the lower lip.
  • This is where either the upper or lower lip (depending on the player) takes up most of the mouthpiece area.
  • ... tooth he bites the upper-right side of his lip, and with his left tooth he bites his lower lip which sticks out"), these attributes were mostly absent in Chinese and earlier Japanese icons.
  • , but instead of the lips touching each other, the lower lip touches the upper teeth.
  • He received 100 stitches to his lower lip during his stay.

  • It has also been called "labiated bear" because of its long lower lip and palate used for sucking up insects.
  • The libellulids have stout-bodied larvae with the lower lip or labium developed into a mask over the lower part of the face.
  • The larvae (nymphs or naiads) are generally slender compared to those of other families, with a long and flat extensible lower lip (labium).
  • Eyes are on the right side, and the eyed-side lower lip has a distinctive fleshy rim.
  • The alternative family name Labiatae refers to the flowers typically having petals fused into an upper lip and a lower lip (" [...] " in Latin).

  • The biggest risk in these procedures is damage to the mental nerve that runs through the chin and jaw; other risks include damage to tooth roots, infection, nonunion, and damage to the mentalis muscle that controls the lower lip and is at the edges of the chin.
  • These may be the lower lip against the upper teeth, in the case of [...]; the back of the tongue against the soft palate in the case of German [...] (the final consonant of "Bach"); or the side of the tongue against the molars, in the case of Welsh [...] (appearing twice in the name "Llanelli").
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