Translation for 'malevolent' from English to Bulgarian
ADJ   malevolent | more malevolent | most malevolent
SYNO evil | malefic | malevolent | ...
unverified malevolent {adj}злонамерен
malevolent {adj}недоброжелателен
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Translation for 'malevolent' from English to Bulgarian

malevolent {adj}
unverified злонамерен

Usage Examples English
  • Beginning in some hunter-gatherer societies, animists have believed that people demonstrating abnormal behavior are possessed by malevolent spirits.
  • Another use of the soulcatcher was to suck malevolent spirits out of a patient.
  • Shadows often appear in mythical or cultural contexts. Sometimes in a malevolent light, other times not.
  • In Yoruba mythology, Egbere is a malevolent spirit that inhabits woods and is seen at night.
  • The current measure for malevolent creativity is the 13-item test Malevolent Creativity Behaviour Scale (MCBS).

  • Certain conduct constitutes a flagrant foul despite not being malevolent or unsportsmanlike.
  • In Hinduism, Bhutamata is a terrible and malevolent goddess, a form of Devi.
  • An Asgina is any sort of spirit, but it is usually considered to be a malevolent one.
  • A demon is a malevolent supernatural being in religion, occultism, mythology, folklore, and fiction.
  • The "Kamen Rider" franchise primarily revolving around the eponymous Kamen Rider, a superpowered vigilante who mostly resembles a grasshopper and rides a motorcycle, and their one-man war against an ever-larger malevolent force, usually a terrorist organization bent on world domination.

  • Eventually, Dawn comes to believe that her mother is trying to contact her, and the malevolent force is working to prevent her.
  • If that Mars were located in the twelfth house of a natal chart Mars's "accidental dignity" would be poor, since it would be located in a weak or malevolent cadent house.
  • In 2008, she was in "The Uninvited" as an agoraphobic woman whose house torments her with malevolent spirits.
  • In Gnosticism, the biblical serpent in the Garden of Eden was praised and thanked for bringing knowledge ("gnosis") to Adam and Eve and thereby freeing them from the malevolent Demiurge's control.
  • Shyena is referred to as a malevolent sacrifice (yajna) conducted with the intention of causing harm to others.

  • "Suanggi" is a malevolent spirit in the folklore of the Maluku Islands, Indonesia.
  • "Uncuts Chris Roberts described "Prettiest Thing" as "a malevolent mini-movie".
  • A group of amateur ghost hunters meet their biggest challenge yet, the Ulanaya, a malevolent elemental.
  • Flashbacks introduce Merrick's malevolent sister, Honey Isabella or Honey in the Sunshine; Merrick's mother, Cold Sandra; and the Great Nananne, a powerful witch whose very presence is enough to frighten and instill respect in David.
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