Translation for 'molecular cloud' from English to Bulgarian
molecular cloud {noun}
молекулярен облак {м}
cloud {noun}облак {м}
cloud solutions {pl}
облачни решения {мн}
cloud of smoke {noun}облак {м} (от) дим
molecular {adj}
molecular biology {noun}
молекулярна биология {ж}
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Usage Examples English
  • Stars and planets rotate in the first place because conservation of angular momentum turns random drifting of parts of the molecular cloud that they form from into rotating motion as they coalesce.
  • As molecular clouds dark nebula are part of molecular cloud complexes.
  • This research could have a profound impact on our understanding of the suite of molecules that were present in the molecular cloud when our solar system formed, which contributed to the rich carbon chemistry of comets and asteroids and hence the meteorites and interstellar dust particles which fall to the Earth by the ton every day.
  • Lying alongside the Milky Way, Corona Australis contains one of the closest star-forming regions to the Solar System—a dusty dark nebula known as the Corona Australis Molecular Cloud, lying about 430 light years away.
  • Fragmentation of the molecular cloud during the formation of protostars is an acceptable explanation for the formation of a binary or multiple star system.

  • Most of the atoms that make up the Earth and its inhabitants were present in their current form in the nebula that collapsed out of a molecular cloud to form the Solar System.
  • The formation of a star begins with gravitational instability within a molecular cloud, caused by regions of higher density—often triggered by compression of clouds by radiation from massive stars, expanding bubbles in the interstellar medium, the collision of different molecular clouds, or the collision of galaxies (as in a starburst galaxy).
  • 6 billion years ago from the collapse of part of a giant molecular cloud that consisted mostly of hydrogen and helium and that probably gave birth to many other stars.
  • Young open clusters may be contained within the molecular cloud from which they formed, illuminating it to create an H II region.
  • Filaments are truly ubiquitous in the molecular cloud.

  • Other striking objects include the Red Square Nebula, one of the few objects in astronomy to take on a square shape; and Westerhout 40, a massive nearby star-forming region consisting of a molecular cloud and an H II region.
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