Translation for 'moment' from English to Bulgarian
NOUN   a moment | moments
SYNO bit | consequence | here and now | ...
moment {noun}момент {м}
in a moment {adv}след малко
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Translation for 'moment' from English to Bulgarian

moment {noun}
момент {м}

in a moment {adv}
след малко
Usage Examples English
  • In the local moment regime, the magnetic moment is present at the impurity site. However, for low enough temperature, the moment is Kondo screened to give non-magnetic many-body singlet state.
  • As its name implies, the moment-generating function can be used to compute a distribution’s moments: the "n"th moment about 0 is the "n"th derivative of the moment-generating function, evaluated at 0.
  • The plastic moment for a given section will always be larger than the yield moment (the bending moment at which the first part of the sections reaches the yield stress).
  • Such analyses would consist of detailed questioning regarding moment-to-moment personal interactions, even including those with the analyst himself.
  • The nuclear magnetic moment is the magnetic moment of an atomic nucleus and arises from the spin of the protons and neutrons.

  • one dimension of length less than the same property for the rod, as it refers to the moment per unit length per unit of curvature, and not the total moment.
  • Thus, due to the relationship between an electron's magnetic moment and its angular momentum, any torque applied to the magnetic moment will give rise to a change in magnetic moment parallel to the torque.
  • ρ"S"ψ is satisfied now if ψ is true at any previous moment and ρ is true at every moment after that moment.
  • Each value of "n" corresponds to a different moment: the 1st moment corresponds to "n" = 1; the 2nd moment to "n" = 2, etc.
  • The first part of Kant's Critique of Aesthetic Judgement presents what Kant calls the four moments of the "Judgement of Taste".

  • Either form may be used to represent the maximum entropy distribution for a fixed first inverse moment [...] and first logarithmic moment [...].
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