Translation for 'observant' from English to Bulgarian
ADJ   observant | more observant | most observant
SYNO law-abiding | observant | observing
observant {adj}наблюдателен
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Translation for 'observant' from English to Bulgarian

observant {adj}
Usage Examples English
  • Hulata is a pluralistic kibbutz that accepts members from all backgrounds, both religiously observant and not.
  • Although from a non-observant background, Kempf turned to following the Chabad movement of Hasidic Judaism, becoming strictly observant.
  • Torah-observant Christians view Mosaic Law as of continuing validity and applicability for Christians under the new covenant.
  • Although converted to Catholicism, the family were never religiously observant. Hans Halban was a convinced secularist.
  • In 1472 the friary became observant—its community adopted the fashion then spreading across Europe for the strictest observance of the monastic rules — and in 1479 it became the centre of the Irish Observant Congregation.

  • Newman's parents were non-observant Jews. Newman is an atheist.
  • Alon Hazan was raised in Ashdod, Israel, to an observant Masorti Jewish family.
  • If later, the second player plays the 9 of trumps, an observant Tarabish player will realize that someone did not 'Play to Beat' the 'Trump King' during the opening trick.
  • The requirements for becoming a mashgiach/mashgicha are being Jewish, being Sabbath-observant ("shomer Shabbat"), being Torah-observant ("shomer mitzvot"), and personally fulfilling the laws of "kashrut" ("shomer kashrut").
  • Convinced of the arhats’ Dharma for attaining unbinding,—heedful, observant—one listening well gains discernment.

  • Although Cochavi-Rainey was raised in a religiously observant home, she was educated in non-religious schools.
  • She is introverted, quiet and observant as well as sensitive to suffering.
  • Martin was raised in an observant Episcopalian family.
  • The competition was established in 1988, after members of the congregation first sought to establish an event for Kosher-observant, non-pork-eating Jews as part of the city's large Memphis in May "World Championship Barbecue" contest.
  • His caricatures of his fellow Newlyn artists were often witty and sharply observant.

  • These not only contain food that is kosher, but also other features to aid observant Jews, such as copies of "Tefilat HaDerech" (the Traveler's Prayer) and prayers that are recited before and after eating and bread on which the mezonot blessing is recited, thereby enabling observant Jews to consume the bread without washing hands.
  • She was an active member of the Bavli-Yerushalmi project, a Jerusalem-based study group for observant and non-observant Jews, which has a counterpart group in New York.
  • Thus "pious, observant", or "religious".
  • Kaptchuk is an observant Jew.
  • Appearing as an identifiable movement in the 1960s, a growing number of young Jews who had previously been raised in non-religious homes in the United States started to develop a strong interest in becoming a part of observant Judaism; many of these people, in contrast to sociological expectations, became attracted to observant Judaism within Orthodoxy.

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