Translation for 'obsidian' from English to Bulgarian
obsidian {noun}
обсидиан {м}
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Translation for 'obsidian' from English to Bulgarian

obsidian {noun}
обсидиан {м}минерал.
Usage Examples English
  • Its name is derived from the nahuatl word for obsidian. Ixtepeque was one of the most important obsidian sources in pre-Columbian Mesoamerica.
  • Many studies have been done on the composition of the obsidian from Obsidian Cliff and how the obsidian from Obsidian Cliff was distributed.
  • Obsidian hydration occurs when the surface of a piece of obsidian is exposed, and obsidian hydration dating is often used in archaeology.
  • The Chivay obsidian source (15.6423° S, 71.5355° W, 4972 masl) is the geological origin of a chemical group of obsidian that is found throughout the south-central Andean highlands including southern Peru and western Bolivia.
  • Despite the abundance of obsidian sources in Anatolia and Iran, Nemrut was the main source of obsidian – the most important material of the Stone Age – for all settlements in Mesopotamia and the settlements of the Mesolithic era around the Dead Sea.

  • There was the place obsidian was produced in Jōmon period around this pass.
  • Tools by the inhabitants of Fincha Habera were primarily made of obsidian.
  • Obsidian artefacts were revealed as a stratified obsidian artefact assemblage (10 levels, 901 pieces) (8) and it is considered that obsidian was extracted from the Lesser Caucasus sources.
  • The town gets its name from a 16th-century bridge ("Puente") and "Ixtla", which comes from Nahuatl "its" (obsidian) and "tla" (abundance), meaning "Place where obsidian abounds".
  • For thousands of years, Native Americans used obsidian for making cutting tools, arrowheads, and spear points.

  • The caldera and the associated stratovolcano of the same name are an important source of obsidian, which forms several large lava flows.
  • The presence or absence of an obsidian hydration band has been used to distinguish prehistoric obsidian debitage from obsidian debitage produced by modern flintknappers.
  • Recent research identified some Armenian obsidian at Domuztepe.
  • Pit River artists and craftspeople apparently used both basalt and much obsidian from Glass Mountain to make tools and weapons.
  • The Big Obsidian Flow, created 1,300 years ago, covers [...]. The black, shiny obsidian field is easily accessible from good roads within the caldera, or a trail that traverses the flow.

  • The Obsidian Folk are one of two races native to Stoneworld; they are obsidian-skinned, hairless, tribal humanoids. Kworri of the Obsidian Folk later became a Green Lantern.
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