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NOUN   an oil pump | oil pumps
oil pump {noun}
маслена помпа {ж}
Partial Matches
fuel pump {noun}
горивна помпа {ж}
gas pump {noun} [Am.]
бензиностанция {ж}
gas pump {noun} [Am.]
бензиноколонка {ж}
gas pump jockey {noun} [Am.]
работник {м} на безиностанция
olive oil {noun}
маслиново масло {ср}
castor oil {noun}
рициново масло {ср}
oil {noun} [cooking]олио {ср}
almond oil {noun}
бадемово масло {ср}
olive oil {noun}
зехтин {м}
tanning oil {noun}
плажно масло {ср}
suntan oil {noun}
плажно масло {ср}
oil heater {noun}маслен радиатор {м}
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Usage Examples English
  • When "fire in engineroom lower level" was announced, due to water in the main lube oil pump motors, a man in the aft end of engineroom upper level opened the watertight door into the stern room, which swung into the stern room, to retrieve a fire extinguisher.
  • The oil pump simply pumps constantly, and any excess pumped oil continuously escapes through a relief valve back into the sump.
  • An oil pump, a vane or gear pump powered by the engine, pumps the oil throughout the engine, including the oil filter.
  • The engine corrected the R32's weak oil pump drive collar, which tended to fail in higher power applications, by using a wider collar (also fixed in spec 2 R32's prior to R33 release).
  • In this case, an interlock could be added to ensure that the oil pump is running before the motor starts.

  • In some designs the camshaft also drives the distributor, oil pump, fuel pump and occasionally the power steering pump.
  • Also if a problem developed with the engine and the pilot shut it down it was not possible to "feather" the propeller and so it would continue to rotate creating drag and continue to turn the engine which had no lubrication being forced through it by the oil pump.
  • On top of other considerations, the oil pump of a modern two-stroke may not work in reverse, in which case the engine suffers oil starvation within a short time.
  • The base pressure of a rubber- and plastic-sealed piston pump system is typically 1 to 50 kPa, while a scroll pump might reach 10 Pa (when new) and a rotary vane oil pump with a clean and empty metallic chamber can easily achieve 0.1 Pa.
  • This ring gear also drove the oil pump, which supplied oil to all bearings, and through hollow pushrods to the rockers and valves and also drove an air pump which pressurized the fuel tank.

  • A revised clutch and flywheel were fitted in July 1968, and in October of the same year the oil pump was redesigned.
  • Windage may also inhibit the migration of oil into the sump and back to the oil pump, creating lubrication problems.
  • Smaller compressors are often splash lubricated - the oil is splashed around in the crankcase by the impact of the crankshaft and connecting rods - but larger compressors are likely to have pressurized lubrication using an oil pump which supplies the oil to critical areas through pipes and passages in the castings.
  • ... the oil pump breaks), punctualization and reification are decreased as well.
  • The freewheel was required in the normal (non-oil pump engines) SAAB two stroke engines but not in the racing engines that had an oil injection system fed from a supply tank, nor in the Sonett V4 since it had a four-stroke engine with the common recirculating pressure lubrication.

  • If an engine required pressurised lubrication to, say, plain bearings, there would be an oil pump and an oil filter.
  • Teams are fined and points are lost if oil is spilled on the track surface, so all teams make provision for absorbent blankets/diapers below the engine. Oil pump pressure is somewhere around [...] during the run, [...] at start up, but actual figures differ between teams.
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