Translation for 'omnivore' from English to Bulgarian
NOUN   an omnivore | omnivores
omnivore {noun}
всеядно животно {ср}
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Translation for 'omnivore' from English to Bulgarian

omnivore {noun}
всеядно животно {ср}зоол.
Usage Examples English
  • The Eastern rainbowfish is an omnivore and feeds on algae, insects, microcrustaceans and other small invertebrates.
  • As an omnivore, the little buttonquail will eat seeds, native grasses, insects and small frogs.
  • "Chirostenotes" was probably an omnivore or herbivore, based on evidence from the beaks of related species like "Anzu wyliei" and "Caenagnathus collinsi".
  • Lishman was an omnivore, and would eat "trouble makers" among the Canada geese.
  • The paradise shelduck is a diurnal omnivore.

  • It is presumed that the Mayan tetra is an opportunistic omnivore.
  • "Wightia" was most likely an omnivore like other tapejarids.
  • An omnivore, "S. duseni" eats plants, invertebrates, and small vertebrates.
  • Like most starlings, the long-tailed glossy starling is an omnivore, eating fruit and insects.
  • The signal crayfish is an omnivore, with most of its dietary intake being detritus.

  • This species is both a limnivore and omnivore.
  • "S. albula" is an omnivore, predator and scavenger.
  • The common warthog is the only well-known endemic omnivore on Erindi.
  • This species is an omnivore. They feed on algae, bryozoans, hydroids and other low-growing organisms.
  • The Palawan binturong inhabits tropical rainforest habitat. It is an omnivore, feeding on fruit, small animals, and carrion.

  • An omnivore (...) is an animal that has the ability to eat and survive on both plant and animal matter.
  • "P. peregrinus" was either a carnivore or an omnivore.
  • The blue mockingbird is an omnivore; it feeds primarily on invertebrates, but also on some vegetable matter.
  • "Arkansaurus" was probably a fast moving omnivore between [...] tall. Its long arms would likely have ended in three fingered grasping hands.
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