Translation for 'over the phone' from English to Bulgarian
over the phone {adv}по телефона
Partial Matches
over the telephone {adv}по телефона
phone {noun}телефон {м}
by phone {adv}по телефона
entry phone {noun}
домофон {м}
phone number {noun}телефонен номер {м}
cell phone {noun} [Am.]
мобилен телефон {м}
cellular phone {noun} [Am.]клетъчен телефон {м}
mobile phone {noun} [Br.]мобилен телефон {м}
the same {pron}еднакво
the same {pron}същото
(the) blues {noun}
блус {м}
the Welsh {pl}
уелсците {мн}
the Andes {noun}
Анди {мн}
the US {noun}
САЩ {мн}
the Danube {noun}
Дунав {м}
(the) absurd {noun}абсурд {м}
to the left {adv}наляво
the same {pron}същият
The Smurfs
in (the) winter {adv}зиме
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Usage Examples English
  • Sequels featured Peller yelling at a Fluffy Bun executive from his yacht over the phone and approaching fast food drive-up windows (including the "Home of the Big Bun" and a restaurant with a golden arch) that were slammed down before she could complete the line.
  • At the age of 17, Feranna moved to Los Angeles and worked menial jobs such as working at a liquor store and selling vacuum cleaners over the phone while he auditioned for bands.
  • Telemarketing (sometimes known as inside sales, or telesales in the UK and Ireland) is a method of direct marketing in which a salesperson solicits prospective customers to buy products or services, either over the phone or through a subsequent face to face or web conferencing appointment scheduled during the call.
  • In 1972, Tomlin released "This Is A Recording", her first comedy album on Polydor Records in 1972 that contained Ernestine's run-ins with customers over the phone.
  • They could also be used in cardholder-not-present transactions over the phone, by mail or on the internet or for processing recurring payments.

  • He named D'Aubuisson as giving the assassination order to him over the phone, and said that he and his cohorts drove the assassin to the chapel and paid him 1,000 Salvadoran colóns after the event.
  • At least two of the terms are sometimes still used by UK civilians to spell words over the phone, namely "F for Freddie" and "S for Sugar".
  • Paula Danziger and her fellow author Bruce Coville read their work to each other over the phone beginning in 1992, continuing for over a decade as a two-person writers' group and later including author Elizabeth Levy.
  • In a poll conducted in 2005 by the Swedish Retail Institute ("Handelns Utredningsinstitut"), the attitudes of Swedes to the use of certain dialects by salesmen revealed that 54% believed that "rikssvenska" was the variety they would prefer to hear when speaking with salesmen over the phone, even though dialects such as "gotländska" or "skånska" were provided as alternatives in the poll.
  • Unusually, he discussed the concept directly over the phone with Pratchett, rather than his publisher's art director.

  • The withdrawal of the Metcard system commenced on 2 January 2012 with the end of online and over-the-phone sales of Metcards, and the removal of yearly Metcards from sale.
  • Four years earlier, his wife announced on Twitter that he had been dismissed from his job as a whip over the phone.
  • Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney watched Johnson set the new world record and after the race congratulated him over the phone.
  • The following balanced decision table is an example in which a technical support company writes a decision table to enable technical support employees to efficiently diagnose printer problems based upon symptoms described to them over the phone from their clients.
  • She quits the Conrad Birdie fan club over the phone because of the new milestone happening in her life.

  • Mill receives a pitch over the phone from Levy and a man who reveals himself as the postcard writer.
  • The show is the subject of a running gag on "Friends", where Chandler and Joey would watch "Baywatch" together religiously, including over the phone when Joey was living in another apartment.
  • She briefly speaks with Steed over the phone and mentions that her last name isn't Peel anymore; Steed replies, "You'll always be Mrs.
  • On 9 February, Trump spoke with China's leader Xi Jinping over the phone discussing a wide range of issues; Trump was said to have re-iterated the United States' commitment to the status quo 'one-China' policy.
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