Translation for 'pass out' from English to Bulgarian
VERB   to pass out | passed out | passed out
passing out | passes out
SYNO to black out | to conk | to distribute | ...
to pass out {verb} припадам [несв.] [губя съзнание]
Partial Matches
mountain pass {noun}
(планински) проход {м}
boarding pass {noun}бордна карта {ж}
to pass a test {verb}минавам тест
to pass [go, walk] {verb}минавам [несв.]
out {prep}от
out {adv}навън
way out {noun}изход {м}
find out {verb}разбирам [научавам]
to figure out {verb}пресмятам
to jut out {verb}стърча [несв.]
unverified to stick out {verb}стърча [несв.]
to figure out {verb}измислям [несв.]
to snuff out {verb}загасявам [несв.]
to camp (out{verb} лагерувам [несв.] [на палатка]
to come out {verb}излиза [книга, CD]
unverified to stick out {verb}изпъквам [несв.]
to map out {verb}планирам
to cross out {verb}зачерквам [несв.]
worn out {adj}стар [извехтял]
to leave out {verb}пропускам [несв.]
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Usage Examples English
  • Once consumed, natural inputs pass out of the economy as pollution and waste.
  • During the 1970s, Sly or another of the band members would often miss a gig, refuse to play, or pass out from drug use, impacting their live bookings.
  • As the anti-depressant drugs pass out of human bodies and through sanitation systems into the Great Lakes, this has resulted in fish in the Great Lakes with twenty times the level of anti-depressants in their brains than what is in the water, leading to the fish being exceedingly happy and hence less risk-averse, to the extent of damaging the fish populations.
  • Light is sent into one end of a glass or plastic cable at an angle large enough so that it will not be able to pass out of the cable into the surrounding air.
  • Officer cadets are addressed to as "Mister" or "Miss" until the completion of the early stages of their training at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (at which point cadets "pass out" and formally gain their commissions), thereafter other ranks (non-officers) will address them as "Sir" or "Ma'am".

  • This cut off the blood supply through her carotid artery, causing her to pass out on two occasions.
  • With no supplies left and short of potable water, Rose and a feverish Charlie pass out, both accepting that they will soon die.
  • In infancy, the dartos fascia operates as a one-way check valve at the tip of the foreskin, allowing urine to pass out, but prohibiting the entry of foreign matter and pathogens.
  • The Red Hulk battles the Lady Liberators and tricks them into believing they caused him to pass out.
  • As pore size increases, some high-flux dialyzers begin to let albumin pass out of the blood into the dialysate.

  • Vulović's physicians concluded that her history of low blood pressure caused her to pass out quickly after the cabin depressurized and kept her heart from bursting on impact.
  • The missile would eventually pass out of line-of-sight with the MTR, so final arming information was provided during the dive, and the warhead was triggered by a barometric fuse.
  • They then undergo a further 12 weeks of advanced training, after which they pass-out as a 3 Star Private, Trooper or Gunner depending on their respective Corps.
  • Barely a month after the Chrysler signing, Reuther got permission from the City of Dearborn to pass out handbills titled, "Unionism, not Fordism" on public property at Gate Four of the giant Ford River Rouge Complex.
  • The rank of Staff Sergeant generally is awarded to cadets when they are in Secondary Four, before they pass out.

  • One of Grattan's main grounds of opposition to the union had been his dread of seeing the political leadership in Ireland pass out of the hands of the landed gentry; and he prophesied that the time would come when Ireland would send to the united parliament a hundred of the greatest rascals in the kingdom.
  • Particles with [...] have radiation pressure at least half as strong as gravity, and will pass out of the Solar System on hyperbolic orbits if their initial velocities were Keplerian.
  • People with emetophobia usually experience anxiety; they often may scream, cry, or if it is severe, possibly pass out when someone or something has been sick.
  • Ahimelech's death was seen as a partial fulfilment of the curse on the House of Eli – that none of Eli's male descendants would live to old age; the other part of the curse on the House of Eli – that the priesthood would pass out of his descendants (1 Samuel 2: [...])– was fulfilled when Abiathar was deposed from the office of High Priest.
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