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NOUN   a phone number | phone numbers
SYNO number | phone number | telephone number
phone number {noun}телефонен номер {м}
Partial Matches
phone {noun}телефон {м}
by phone {adv}по телефона
entry phone {noun}
домофон {м}
number {noun}брой {м}
to number {verb}номерирам
number {noun}число {ср}
cell phone {noun} [Am.]
мобилен телефон {м}
mobile phone {noun} [Br.]мобилен телефон {м}
cellular phone {noun} [Am.]клетъчен телефон {м}
over the phone {adv}по телефона
perfect number {noun}
съвършено число {ср}
decimal number {noun}десетично число {ср}
inventory number {noun}инвентарен номер {м}
tetrahedral number {noun}
тетраедрално число {ср}
square number {noun}
квадратно число {ср}
random number {noun}
случайно число {ср}
prime number {noun}
просто число {ср}
number {noun} <no.>номер {м} <№>
floating point number {noun}
число {ср} с плаваща запетая
CAS (regisrty) number {noun}
регистрационен номер {м} в CAS
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Usage Examples English
  • Some national toll-free numbers provide automatic number identification (ANI) by speaking the telephone number of the caller, but these are not intended for use in identifying the customer's own phone number.
  • An FBI informant named Aukai Collins claims he told the FBI about Hanjour's activities during 1998, giving them Hanjour's name and phone number, and warning them that more and more foreign-born Muslims seem to be taking flying lessons.
  • When a reporter from Justice's hometown of Cincinnati told her that Justice was a fan, Berry gave her phone number to the reporter to give to Justice.
  • This allows the mailer to "dial" an IP address or hostname via Telnet, rather than dialing a real POTS phone number.
  • An example would be the problem of remembering a phone number and recalling it later.

  • She gave him the phone number of her neighbour Olga Volkova who resided below.
  • After giving the program an area code and 3 digit prefix, the program then serially dialed every phone number in that prefix in order, recording which phone numbers were answered by a computer modem.
  • Calls from the British Virgin Islands to non-NANP countries are dialled as 011 + country code + phone number with local area code.
  • An email signature is a block of text appended to the end of an email message often containing the sender's name, address, phone number, disclaimer or other contact information.
  • For example, short-term memory holds a phone number that has just been recited.

  • This is a functional phone number intended for the viewers to call.
  • A phone number that had digits that required larger numbers of pulses could be tedious to use, by comparison.
  • This feature allows text messaging to a phone number (text messaging is less functional than instant messaging).
  • As of 2016, the group has 46 members and a special phone number to use to contact police if suspicious activity is seen around the airport area.
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